Writing Prompts

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  1. A scary doll comes to life.
  2. A girl goes missing. Fifteen years later, her parents get a call from her older self. But they listen in fear because they killed their daughter that dark night years ago.

25 Horror Writing Prompts

  1. A scary doll comes to life.
  2. A scene from a nightmare comes true the next day.
  3. Days go by and your parents don’t come home.
  4. You feel yourself slowly becoming a monster.
  5. Your friends start to disappear and no one else notices.
  6. You’re lost in the woods and you don’t know how you got there.
  7. You’re inhabited by a ghost that controls you and makes you do crazy things.
  8. You have no reflection in the mirror.
  9. The teacher is a monster, but no one will believe you.
  10. You hypnotize your brother, and you can’t snap him out of it.
  11. A fortune teller reveals that you are evil.
  12. Someone follows you home, and it’s your exact double.
  13. You find a diary that tells the future.
  14. Every time you wake up, you’re a different person.
  15. Your parents explain that you are actually an alien from another planet.
  16. You know someone is watching you day and night from the house across the street.
  17. You realize you are shrinking.
  18. While reading a scary book, you realize that you’re a character in it.
  19. Someone is living in your mirror.
  20. Everyone knows the new neighbors are vampires, and the kids invite you over for a sleepover.
  21. All the cats in a small town vanish in the middle of the night….and all that remains is a set of big, scary teeth smashed into a car door.
  22. A group of friends takes on the zombie apocalypse.
  23. Strange things start happening after the grandfather clock starts to speak.
  24. You finally meet your child’s imaginary friend. Who turns out to be a serial killer.
  25. When a local police officer goes to investigate the haunted house down the street, he finds a young girl who died decades ago.

101 Terrifying Horror Story Prompts

  1. A girl goes missing in the woods, and her parents find only a decrepit and scary doll left behind. They soon learn that the doll is actually their daughter. And she’s alive.
  2. New residents of an old neighborhood are invited by their friendly neighbors to a Halloween party. The neighbors are vampires.
  3. A family dog runs away from home. He returns a year later to the delight of his family. But there’s something different about him. Something demonic.
  4. A girl goes missing. Fifteen years later, her parents get a call from her older self. But they listen in fear because they killed their daughter that dark night years ago.
  5. A man reads a novel, soon realizing that the story is his very own — and according to the book, a killer is looming.
  6. A scientist clones his family that died in an airplane crash — but soon learns the repercussions of playing God.
  7. A man wakes up bound to an electric chair.
  8. A man wakes up in a coffin next to a freshly dead body.
  9. A woman wakes up to find her family gone and her doors and windows boarded up with no way to escape.
  10. A man afraid of snakes is shipwrecked on an island covered with them.
  11. Serial killers worldwide are connected by a dark web website.
  12. The world’s population is overtaken by vampires — all except one little child.
  13. A woman afraid of clowns is forced to work in a traveling circus.
  14. An astronaut and cosmonaut are on the International Space Station when their countries go to Nuclear War with each other. Their last orders are to eliminate the other.
  15. A treasure hunter finds a tomb buried beneath the dirt.
  16. A young brother and sister find an old door in their basement that wasn’t there before.
  17. Winged creatures can be seen within the storm clouds above.
  18. A man wakes up to find a hobo clown staring down at him.
  19. Residents of a town suddenly fall dead while the dead from cemeteries around them rise.
  20. A doctor performs the first head transplant — things go wrong.
  21. A man is texted pictures of himself in various stages of torture that he has no memory of.
  22. A girl wakes up to find a little boy sitting on his bed, claiming to be her younger brother — but she never had one.
  23. 23. A scare walk in the woods during Halloween is actually real.
  24. 24. A bartender serves last call to the only remaining patron, who is the Devil himself.
  25. 25. Earth suffers a planet-wide blackout as all technology is lost.
  26. 26. A boy’s stepfather is actually a murderous werewolf.
  27. 27. Something has turned the neighborhood pets into demonic killers.
  28. 28. A priest is a vampire.
  29. 29. A woman wakes up with no eyes.
  30. 30. A man wakes up with no mouth.
  31. 31. A monster is terrified by the scary child who lives above his bed.
  32. 32. An astronaut jettisoned into the cold of space in a mission gone wrong suddenly appears at the doorstep of his family.
  33. 33. A woman answers a phone call only to learn that the voice on the other end is her future self, warning her that a killer is looming.
  34. 34. A boy realizes that aliens have replaced his family.
  35. 35. A woman wakes up in an abandoned prison that she cannot escape.
  36. 36. A bank robber steals from the small town bank that holds the riches of witches.
  37. 37. A door-to-door salesman circa the 1950s visits the wrong house.
  38. 38. Deceased soldiers return to their Civil War-era homes.
  39. 39. Kidnappers abduct the child of a vampire.
  40. 40. An innocent circus clown discovers the dark history of the trade.
  41. 41. A homeless man is stalked by faceless beings.
  42. 42. A spelunker stumbles upon a series of caverns infested with rattlesnakes.
  43. 43. A group of friends is forced to venture through a chamber of horrors where only one is promised to survive.
  44. 44. He’s not the man she thought he was. In fact, he’s not a man at all.
  45. 45. Suburbia is actually purgatory.
  46. 46. Someone discovers that we are all actually robots — who created us and why?
  47. 47. She’s not an angel. She’s a demon.
  48. 48. An old shipwreck washes ashore.
  49. 49. A sinkhole swallows a house whole and unleashes something from beneath.
  50. 50. A man has sleep paralysis at the worst possible time.
  51. 51. A woman out hiking is caught in a bear trap as the sun begins to go down.
  52. 52. Naked figures with no faces stalk campers in the woods.
  53. 53. An astronaut is the sole survivor of a moon landing gone wrong — only to discover that the moon is infested with strange creatures.
  54. 54. A woman is wrongfully condemned to an insane asylum.
  55. 55. A mother’s baby will not leave its womb and continues to grow and grow and grow while doctors try to cut it out but can’t.
  56. 56. Friends on a road trip stumble upon a backcountry town whose residents all dress up as different types of clowns.
  57. 57. Tourists in Ireland retreat to an old castle when the country is taken over by greedy and vengeful leprechauns.
  58. 58. A boy on a farm makes a scarecrow that comes alive.
  59. 59. A figure dressed in an old, dirty Easter Bunny suit haunts the children of a town.
  60. 60. The abused animals of a zoo are unleashed and wreak havoc on a small town.
  61. 61. A deceased grandma’s old doll collection comes alive.
  62. 62. Little Red Riding Hood was a vampire.
  63. 63. Somebody clones Hitler and raises him as a white supremacist.
  64. 64. A pumpkin patch comes alive — beings with heads of pumpkins and bodies of vines.
  65. 65. An endless swarm of killer bees wreaks havoc on the country.
  66. 66. Christ returns to Earth — at least that is who people thought he was.
  67. 67. A natural anomaly brings all of the country’s spiders to a horrified town.
  68. 68. A woman finds old 16mm film from her childhood and sees that she had a sister — what happened to her?
  69. 69. Something ancient rises from an old pond.
  70. 70. A woman suddenly begins to wake up in somebody else’s body every morning — each day ends with her being stocked and killed by the same murderer in black.
  71. 71. An Artificial Intelligence begins to communicate with a family online, only to terrorize them through their technology.
  72. 72. A family buys a cheap house only to discover that an old cemetery is their back yard.
  73. 73. Years after the zombie apocalypse subsides, survivors discover that the epidemic was caused by aliens that have appeared to lay claim to the planet.
  74. 74. A woman has memories of being abducted by aliens — but she soon learns that they weren’t aliens. They were…
  75. 75. A boy has a tumor that slowly grows into a Siamese twin — the older they get, the more evil the twin becomes.
  76. 76. A cult that worships history’s deadliest serial killers begins to kill by copying their methods.
  77. 77. Stone gargoyles suddenly appear on the tops of buildings and houses of a small town.
  78. 78. A family on a boat trip stumbles upon an old pirate ship.
  79. 79. A winter snowstorm traps a family in an abandoned insane asylum.
  80. 80. A little girl comes down from upstairs and asks her parents, “Can you hear it breathing? I can.”
  81. 81. A town is enveloped in unexplained darkness for weeks.
  82. 82. A jetliner flies high in the sky as Nuclear War breaks out below.
  83. 83. Children discover a deep, dark well in the woods — an old ladder leads down into it.
  84. 84. A child sleepwalks into their parent’s room and whispers, “I’m sorry. The Devil told me to.”
  85. 85. As a woman showers, a voice comes from the drain whispering, “I see you.”
  86. 86. A child finds a crayon drawing of a strange family — it’s inscribed with the words we live in your walls.
  87. 87. All of the cemetery’s graves are now open, gaping holes — the dirt pushed out from underground.
  88. 88. A woman is watching a scary movie alone on Halloween night — someone, or something, keeps knocking at her door.
  89. 89. Someone is taking a bath as a hand from behind the shower curtain pushes their head into the water.
  90. 90. A farmer and his sons begin to hear the laughter of children coming from his fields at night — no children are in sight.
  91. 91. Someone looks out their window to see a clown standing at a corner holding a balloon — staring at them.
  92. 92. Mannequins in a department store seem to be moving on their own.
  93. 93. What if the God people worshiped was really Satan — and Satan had somehow kept God prisoner?
  94. 94. A man dies and wakes up in the body of a serial killer — and no matter how hard he tries to stop killing, he can’t.
  95. 95. A prisoner awakens to find the prison empty — but he’s locked in his cell.
  96. 96. A woman jogging stumbles upon a dead, bloody body — she then hears a strange clicking sound and looks up to see a dark figure running towards her.
  97. 97. A girl hears laughter downstairs — she’s the only one home.
  98. 98. An Uber driver picks up the wrong person — and may not live to tell the tale.
  99. 99. There’s someone or something living and moving up in the attic — but it’s not a ghost.
  100. 100. A child’s imaginary friend is not imaginary.
  101. 101. The reflections that we see of ourselves in the mirror are actually us in a parallel universe — and they are planning to do whatever it takes to take our place in this world.


132 Horror Writing Prompts

  • A family is on a camping trip. The parents are walking with their two children, a daughter and a son. The little boy trips and falls into a dark river. His father jumps to rescue him. Somehow the boy manages to swim to the surface. The father is nowhere to be found. When the mother gets a hold of the boy, she can’t recognize him. She tries holding him, but the moment she touches his wet body, her hands start burning.
  • A young girl goes missing in a nearby forest. The whole town is searching for her. Her parents find her sitting and smiling in a cave. Her eyes are completely white.
  • A woman starts watching a movie late at night. The movie seems all too familiar. Finally, she realizes that it is a movie about her own life and that she might be already dead.
  • A house finds a way to kill every visitor on its premises.
  • A child makes her own Halloween mask. She glues a lock of her own hair on her mask. The mask comes to life and threatens to take over the girl’s body.
  • While digging in her backyard, an old lady discovers an iron chest. She opens it and finds a pile of old photographs of her ancestors. All of them are missing their left eye.
  • A priest is trying to punish God for the death of his sister. He is getting ready to burn down the church, when supernatural forces start to torture him.
  • Every year a woman goes to the cemetery where her husband is buried, and when she looks at his tombstone, she notices her own name carved in it.
  • A woman puts a lipstick on in the bathroom when she hears a demonic voice saying to her: “Can’t you see?”
  •  A mysterious child psychiatrist promises parents to cure their children if they give him a vile of their blood.
  •  A group of 10 friends decide to rent an old English castle for the weekend. The ghosts are disturbed and seek their pound of flesh.
  •  A photographer travels to an Indian reservation for his next project. He starts taking photos, but there are only shadows in the places where people should have been.
  •  A young married couple decide to renovate an abandoned psychiatric hospital and turn it into a hotel. Everything is going well until their first guest arrives.
  •  Three sisters are reunited for the reading of their grandmother’s will. She has left them a diamond necklace, but they have to fight psychologically and physically for it.
  •  An old woman pretends to be lost and asks young women to help her get home. She offers them a cup of tea and drugs them. When the women wake up, they are chained in the basement. The old woman gives them tools and boards, so that they can build their own coffin. If they refuse, she inflicts pain on them.
  •  A mysterious stranger with a glass eye and a cane commissions a portrait. When the portrait is finished, the painter turns into stone.
  •  A little girl’s sister lives with a monster in the closet. She exits the closet on her sister’s birthday.
  •  The demons under the nuclear plant get released after an explosion and start terrorizing the families of people who work at the plant.
  •  A woman gets trapped in a parallel universe where every day she dies horribly in different ways.
  •  A cannibal hunts for pure children’s hearts hoping they will bring him eternal youth.
  •  A politician hides his weird sister in the attic. She’s had her supernatural powers after their family home burned to the ground.
  •  A 16-year-old girl wakes up on a stone-cold table surrounded with people in black and white masks. They are chant and start leaning forward. All of them carry carved knives.
  •  A boy hears screaming from his parents’ bedroom. He jumps and hides under his bed. Suddenly, everything becomes quiet. A man wearing army boots enters his room. He drags the boy from under the bed and says: “We’ve been searching for you for 200 years.”
  • A husband and his wife regain consciousness only to see each other tied to chairs, facing each other. A voice on the radio tells them to kill the other, otherwise, they would kill their children.
  •  A mysterious altruist gives a kidney to a young man, who has potential to become a leading neuroscientist. After a year, the altruist kills the young man because he proves to be an unworthy organ recipient. The following year, the mysterious altruist is a bone marrow donor.
  •  A group of friends play truth or dare. Suddenly, all the lights go out and in those ten seconds of darkness, one of the group is killed.
  •  A young man becomes obsessed with an old man living opposite his building. The young man is convinced that the old man is the embodiment of the devil, and starts planning the murder.
  •  Concerned and grieving parents bring their 8-year-old son to a psychiatrist after their daughter’s accident, believing that the boy had something to do with her death.
  •  A woman is admitted to a hospital after a car crash. She wakes up after three months in a coma, but when she tries to speak, she can’t utter a sound. When the nurse sees that she is awake, she calls a doctor. The last thing the woman remembers is hearing the doctor say: “Today is your lucky day,” right before four men in black robes take her out.
  •  A small-town cop becomes obsessed with a cold case from 1978. Three girls went missing after school, and nobody has seen them since. Then one day, in 2008, three girls with the same names as those in 1978 go missing. The case is reopened.
  •  After his parents’ death a cardiologist returns to his small town where everyone seems to lead a perfect life. This causes a disturbance in the idyllic life of the people since none of them has a heart.
  •  A man is kidnapped from his apartment on midnight and brought on a large private estate. He is told that he will be a human pray and that ten hunters with guns will go after him. He is given a 5-minute head start.
  •  A strange woman in labor is admitted in the local hospital. Nobody seems to recognize her. She screams in agony. A black smoke fills in the entire hospital. After that, nobody is the same. A dark lord is born.
  •  A young girl finds her grandmother’s gold in a chest in the attic, although she isn’t allowed to go there by herself. She touches the gold and she starts seeing horrible visions involving her grandmother when she was younger.
  •  An anthropologist studies rituals involving human sacrifice. She slowly begins to accept them as necessary.
  •  A family of four moves in an old Victorian home. As they restore it, more and more people die suddenly and violently.
  •  An old nurse has lived next door to a family that doesn’t get older. Their son has remained to be a seven-year-old boy.
  •  A girl wakes up in her dorm and sees that everybody sleepwalks in the same direction. She acts as if she has the same condition and follows them to an underground black pool where everybody jumps.
  •  A bride returns to the same bridge for 50 years waiting for her husband-to-be to get out of the water.
  •  An old woman locks girls’ personalities in a forever growing collection of porcelain dolls. Parents of the missing girls are in agony and they finally suspect something. When they tell the police, their claims are instantly dismissed.
  •  A chemistry teacher disfigures teenagers who remind him of his childhood bullies. One day, he learns that the new student in his school is the son of his childhood’s archenemy.
  •  A girl starts digging tiny holes in her backyard. When her mother asks her what she is doing, the girl answers: “Mr. Phantom told me to bury my dolls tonight. Tomorrow night I am going to bury our dog. And then, you, mother.”
  •  Twin brothers were kidnapped and returned the next day. They claim that they can’t remember anything. The following night, twin sisters disappear.
  •  A boy has a very realistic dream about an impending doom, but nobody believes him until during a storm all the birds fall dead on the ground.
  •  Room 206 is believed to be haunted, so hotel guests never stay in it. One day, an old woman arrives at the hotel and asks for the key to room 206. She says that she was born there.
  •  A genius scientist tries to extract his wife’s consciousness from her lifeless body and insert it into an imprisoned woman who looks just like his wife.
  •  Two distinguished scientists develop a new type of virus that attacks their brains and turns them into killing machines.
  •  A woman steps out of her house only to find four of her neighbors dead at her doorstep. Little does she know that she isn’t supposed to call the police.
  •  A bachelor’s party ends with two dead people in the pool. Both of them are missing their eyes.
  •  A young woman wearing a black dress is holding a knife in her hand and threatening to kill a frightened man. She is terrified because she does not want to kill anybody, but her body refuses to obey her mind.
  •  A strange religious group starts performing a ritual on a playground. The children’s hearts stop beating.
  •  A woman discovers that her niece has done some horrible crimes, so she decides to poison her. Both of them take the poison, but only the aunt dies.
  •  A man encounters death on his way to work. He can ask three questions before he dies. He makes a quick decision.
  •  An older brother kills his baby sister because he wants to be an only child. When he learns that his mother is pregnant again, he decides to punish her.
  •  A husband and his wife move to a new apartment. After a week, both of them kill themselves. They leave a note saying: “Never again.”
  •  A man is trying to open a time portal so that he could kill his parents before he is ever conceived.
  •  A famous conductor imprisons a pianist from the orchestra and makes him play the piano while he tortures other victims, also musicians. Every time the pianist makes a mistake, the conductor cuts of a finger from his victims.
  •  A popular French chef is invited by a mysterious Japanese sushi master for dinner. A powerful potion makes the French chef fall asleep. He wakes up horrified to learn that he is kept on a human farm, in a cage.
  •  A nuclear blast turns animals into blood-thirsty monsters.
  •  A mysterious bug creeps under people’s skins and turns them into the worst version of themselves.
  •  A kidnapper makes his victims torture each other for his sheer pleasure.
  •  Four friends are invited to spend the afternoon in an escape room. A man’s voice tells them that they have won a prize. They happily accept and enter the escape room. They soon realize that the room was designed to reflect their worst nightmares.
  •  Two sisters have been given names from the Book of the Dead. Their fates have been sealed, so when they turn 21, dark forces are sent to bring them to the underground.
  •  A mother-to-be starts feeling severe pain in her stomach every time she touches a Bible. Despite the fear for her own life, she starts reading the New Testament out loud.
  •  A literature professor discovers an old manuscript in the college library. He opens it in his study and suddenly a black raven flies through the window.
  •  You are the Ruler of a dystopian society. You kill every time your control is threatened.
  •  You are an intelligent robot who shows no mercy to humanity.
  •  You are a promising researcher who discovers that all the notorious dictators have been cloned.
  •  A nomad meets a fakir who tells him that he would bring agony to dozens of people unless he kills himself before he transforms into a monster.
  •  A most prominent member of a sect goes to animal shelters to find food for the dark forces.
  •  A man hires unethical doctors to help him experience clinical death and then bring him back to life after a minute. Little does he know that one minute of death feels like an eternity full of horrors.
  •  You travel home to visit your parents for the holidays. Everything seems normal until you realize that demons have taken over their consciousness.
  •  A mysterious woman moves into your apartment building. One by one, all of the tenants start hallucinating that monsters chase them and jump into their own deaths.
  •  Divorced parents are kidnapped together with their son. Both of the parents have been given poison, but there is only one antidote. The boy needs to decide which parent gets to be saved. He has 30 seconds to make that decision.
  •  A patient with a multiple-personality disorder tells you that you are one of six characters.
  •  You wake up in bed that is a blood-bath.
  •  The Government abducts children with genius IQ and trains them to fight the horrors in Area 51.
  •   A woman who has just given birth at her home is told that the baby is predestined to become the leader of the greatest demonic order in the country.
  •  A man signs a document with his blood to relinquish his body to a sect.
  •  A woman enters a sacred cave in India and disappears for good.
  •  A man opens his eyes in the middle of his autopsy while the coroner is holding his heart.
  •  You look outside the windows in your house only to see that the view has changed and there is black fog surrounding you.
  •  The gargoyles from the Notre Dame have come to life and they start terrorizing Paris.
  •  Somebody rings your doorbell. You open the door and a frightened girl with bloody hands is standing at your doorstep. “You’re late,” you reprimand her.
  •  You wake up in the middle of the night after a frightful nightmare, so you go to the kitchen to get a glass of water. You turn on the light and a person looking like your identical twin is grinning and pointing a knife at you.
  •  A renowned book editor receives a manuscript elegantly written by hand. The title grabs her attention and she continues reading page after page. When she finishes, the manuscript spontaneously starts burning, and the editor is cursed forever.
  •  The last thing you remember before losing consciousness is fighting a shady Uber driver.
  •  You find yourself in a cage in the middle of a forest and black mythological harpies hovering above the cage.
  •  A woman wants to quit smoking, so she visits a therapist who is supposed to help her with the use of hypnosis. She goes under and when she wakes up, she feels like a born killer.
  •  Five hikers get stranded during a horrible storm. One of them kills the weakest and starts burning his body.
  •  A mother goes in the nursery to check up on the baby and discovers that the baby is missing and, in her place, there is a baby doll.
  •  A killer is willing to pay a large sum of money to the family of a volunteering victim. A cancer patient contacts the killer. The killer ends up dead.
  •  The sacred river in a remote Asian village fills up with blood. The last time that happened, all the children in the village died.
  •  A tall, dark, and handsome stranger invites a blind woman for a romantic date in his botanical garden. The garden is full of black roses in which women’s souls have been trapped. He tells her that she will stay forever with him in his garden.
  •  A frightened man is trying to lead a werewolf into a trap and kill him with the last silver bullet.
  •  An architect designs houses for the rich and famous. What he doesn’t show them is that he always leaves room for a secret passageway to their bedrooms, where they are the most vulnerable.
  •  A man’s DNA was found on a horrible crime scene and he has been charged with murder in the first degree. He adamantly negates any involvement in the crime that has been committed. What he doesn’t know is that he had a twin brother who died at birth.
  •  Every passenger on the Orient Express dies in a different, and equally mysterious way.
  •  A magician needs a volunteer from the audience in order to demonstrate a trick involving sawing a person in half. A beautiful woman steps on the stage. The magician makes her fall asleep, and then he performs the trick. In the end, he disappears. People in the audience start panicking when they notice the blood dripping from the table. The magician is nowhere to be found. The woman is dead.
  • A mother discovers that her bright son is not human.
  • Specters keep terrorizing patients in a psychiatric hospital, but nobody believes them.
  • A man’s mind is locked into an immovable body. This person is being tortured by a psychopath who kills his family members in front of him, knowing that he is in agony and can’t do anything to save them.
  • A bride-to-be receives a DVD via mail from an unknown sender. She plays the video and disgusted watches a pagan ritual. The people are wearing masks, but she recognizes the voice of her husband-to-be.
  • A man turns himself to the police although he hasn’t broken the law. He begs them to put him in prison because he had a premonition that he would become a serial killer.
  • Jack the Ripper is actually a woman who brutally kills prostitutes because her own mother was a prostitute.
  • A ticking noise wakes her up. It’s a bomb, and she has only four minutes to do something about it.
  • After a horrible car crash, a walking skeleton emerges from the explosion.
  • A world-famous violinist virtuoso uses music to summon dark forces.
  • A philosopher is trying to outwit Death in order to be granted immortality. He doesn’t know that Death already knows the outcome of this conversation.
  • A beautiful, but superficial woman promises a demon to give him her virginity in exchange for immortality. Once the demon granted her wish, she refused to fulfill her end of the deal. The demon retaliated by making her immortal, but not eternally youthful.
  • A voice starts chanting spells every time somebody wears the gold necklace from Damask.
  • Three teenagers beat up a homeless man. The next day all of them go missing.
  • Thirteen tourists from Poland visit Trakai Island Castle in Vilnius. Their bodies are found washed up the next morning. They are wearing medieval clothes.
  • A group of extremists ambush the vehicle in which a head of a terrorist cell is transported and rescue him. They go after anybody who was involved in his incarceration.
  • A hitman is hired to kill a potential heart donor.
  • A man is attacked by the neighbor’s dog while trying to bury his wife alive.
  • A woman disappears from her home without a trace. He husband reports her missing. The police start to suspect the husband when they retrieve some deleted messages.
  • After moving to a new house all the family members have the same nightmares. Slowly they realize that they might be more than nightmares.
  • A psychopath is drugging his wife, pushing her to commit a suicide so that he could collect the life insurance.
  • A woman loses her eyesight overnight. Instead, she starts having premonitions.
  • A vampire prefers albino children.
  • A man commits murders at night and relives the agony of his victims during the day.
  • A black horse carriage stops in front of your house. A hand wearing a black glove make an inviting gesture. Mesmerized, you decide to enter the carriage.
  • Demons rejuvenate by eating kind people’s hearts.
  • People are horrified to find all of the graves dug out the morning after Halloween.
  • Men start jumping off building and bridges after hearing a mysterious song.
  • A voice in your head tells you to stop listening to the other voices. They were not real.
  • A severed head is hanging from a bridge with a message written in the victim’s blood.
  • A delusional man brings his screaming children to a chasm.
  • A 30-year-old woman learns that a baby with the same name as her died at the local hospital 30 years ago.
  • A vampire donates his blood so that a child with special brain powers can receive it.
  • A teenager is determined to escape his kidnapper by manipulating him into drinking poison. He doesn’t stop there.


Horror Story Prompts

  • 1. A woman is convinced demonic possession is real, and only she can tell who is possessed. The only way to send the demons back to hell is to kill the person.
  • 2. A little boy shows up at an adult character’s house. He knows things about the adult that he’s never told anyone. And he wants help killing someone.
  • 3. A woman comes home to find that her house has been ransacked. The only thing that’s missing is the positive pregnancy test she just took the day before.
  • 4. As part of his job, a law enforcement officer investigates a dark website about demonic killers. Strange things start to happen as the investigation proceeds.
  • 5. A teenager comes back home to his small mountain town after being away at camp. But he finds that everyone is acting strange and all the birds are gone.
  • 6. A character finds that her social media has been hacked, and all her pictures have been expertly altered to make it look like she’s dead.
  • 7. There’s a new scary movie out. The main character goes to the special midnight showing, but something terrible happens in the middle of the movie, and many of the audience members now have a taste for human flesh.
  • 8. A small town is tormented by a supernatural force. It turns out that many of the people in the town helped cover up a horrible murder. Someone is seeking revenge from beyond the grave.
  • 9. A man wins the lottery and starts living the high life. He breaks up with his old girlfriend for a new one. But the new one ends up dead, and he’s the main suspect.
  • 10. A bully terrorizes a small town, until the people have had enough. What they don’t realize is the town bully is well-versed in the dark arts.
  • 11. A girl who loves writing horror stories finds herself dealing with a crazy religious group that thinks what she does is immoral.
  • 12. A couple of burglars break into a house only to find that they’ve been set up. The house is a mess of traps designed to torture the two burglars.
  • 13. An amusement park worker finds that something sinister is going on behind the scenes.
  • 14. A character attends a party in which an ancient ritual will be performed. He doesn’t believe in the ritual, but he’s in for a horrible surprise.
  • 15. A new phone app that young people are using gives them powers to do amazing things. But with too much use, the app takes control of them.
  • 16. Write a story set in the old west, where people are being brutally murdered. It’s made to look like Native Americans are doing it, but the local sheriff suspects otherwise.
  • 17. A killer is targeting police officers. The city is on edge, and a detective has a personal stake in catching the killer. But the killer soon targets her loved ones.
  • 18. The main character thinks his neighbor is a serial killer. But we soon find out that the main character is the killer, and he’s trying to set up his neighbor to take the fall.
  • 19. A group of young people shows up at a camp three years after several people are murdered there. But these young people have come for revenge against the killer.
  • 20. A man feels compelled to kill people he doesn’t know. He soon figures out that someone is manipulating him with the dark arts.
  • 21. The staff of a mortuary start dying off through unexplained means. It turns out they’ve been stealing from their clients, and their dead family members are trying to right the wrongs.
  • 22. A child is convinced his house is haunted. He tries to tell his mother about it but finds that she can no longer hear or see him. It’s like he never existed.
  • 23. A story about a haunting convinces people that ghosts are trying to kill them. Anyone who hears the story starts experiencing strange things. People say it’s all in their heads, but it might be real.
  • 24. A young couple driving cross-country finds a little girl. She tells them her story as they take her to the nearest police station. But when they get there, she’s gone.
  • 25. Explore the implications of an old man who goes out of his way to make ghosts so he’ll have company after he dies.
  • Hulking monsters that go bump in the night are common staples of the horror genre. These prompts should lend you some monstrous inspiration.
  • 26. An experiment gone wrong releases a virus that turns certain dog breeds into demonic killing machines.
  • 27. A fracking company accidentally releases something huge and horrific from under the surface of the earth.
  • 28. Vampires exist, but they’re far more brutal, ugly, and harder to kill than lore suggests. And they’ve suddenly been released from their containment spell.
  • 29. There’s something strange about the neighbors who’ve just moved into the house. They say they have dogs, but the main character has only ever seen evidence of these huge dogs during full moons.
  • 30. A horror writer is desperate for ideas. She steals a cursed item that is supposed to give her inspiration. But instead, it makes the monsters of her imagination come to life.
  • 31. A young reporter’s Twitter account is hacked. She keeps getting strange and threatening messages. Soon, she comes home to find her cat dead. Someone is messing with her, and she needs to find out why.
  • 32. A man with a mysterious past has finally found some peace. But someone who he thought was dead shows up from his past.
  • 33. This creepy story takes place over the course of a single night, in which campers are taunted by beings in the forest that pit the campers against each other.
  • 34. Two coworkers are forced to spend the night in a dilapidated hotel. But it’s a night that never ends, and they’re both convinced there’s something seriously wrong with the other.
  • 35. A social media influencer live-streams a crime spree. It turns out the whole thing is faked, but the people who go out to stop him don’t know that.
  • 36. As Halloween night gets into full swing, the power to the entire city goes out. And there’s something in the dark that’s powerful and ruthless.
  • 37. A family who loves Halloween decides to take their haunted house a step further by stealing some dead bodies from the local morgue. But they choose the wrong morgue, because these bodies aren’t all the way dead.
  • 38. A town that has been haunted by a brutal killer on Halloween for years is on edge. A kid playing a prank dresses up as the killer and gets shot. Chaos ensues as neighbors turn against each other.
  • 39. The main character wakes up on Halloween morning to find herself in a dilapidated version of her town. And all the people are mysteriously gone. But it seems she’s not alone.
  • 40. A cult leader convinces his followers to kill themselves on Halloween night. But some of the characters try to escape. The cult leader won’t allow that to happen.
  • 41. A mission to Mars is thrown off track as one of the astronauts becomes sick with a mysterious and deformative virus.
  • 42. Strange ball-shaped objects suddenly appear all over Earth. People who come near them start acting very strange.
  • 43. While testing a new weapon, the US Government accidentally opens a portal to another dimension. And the creatures of that dimension don’t like humans.
  • 44. In the not-too-distant future, the Earth is infested with killer plants and deformed beasts that keep getting better at killing humans.
  • 45. A scientist opens a time portal, but he lets the wrong person use it. He must trip through time to right the wrongs done by the antagonist.
  • 46. There’s a killer terrorizing an American colony in the eighteenth century. But as the main characters get closer to the culprit, they suspect there’s something inhuman at work.
  • 47. A Sherlock Holmes-like character uses his skills to make criminals pay for their crimes . . . with their lives.
  • 48. A woman decides to take self-defense classes. But someone from the class follows her home and tries to convince her she’s in danger.
  • 49. A group of people is locked in a house together. They must figure out why they’ve each been chosen, or else they’ll die by morning.
  • 50. A man takes it upon himself to do what the police can’t: find out who is abducting children in his town. But what he finds is a conspiracy involving powerful people in a dark cult.


66 Prompts

  • 1. A mysterious gift from an estranged aunt arrives on Halloween with a crystal ball and a note addressed only to you, her godchild.
  • 2. One of the trick-or-treaters bears an uncanny resemblance to your departed sibling and repeats that sibling’s last words before picking your sibling’s favorite candy bar.
  • 3. On Halloween night, you find a box at your door that contains a strange note and a little something from each of the people who have hurt you in the past year.
    man with scary pumpkin headhorror writing prompts
  • 4. On this Halloween night, your guinea pig won’t stop running in circles, and your dog keeps staring at the door, emitting a low growl.
  • 5. You run out for candy on Halloween afternoon to find the streets empty and the store abandoned. A single car cruises into the lot and pulls into the spot next to yours.
  • 6. Every time you went to answer the doorbell, no one was there. The next day, you heard about the missing children. The worst part? Your kids spent Halloween with your ex and were supposed to come trick-or-treating last night.
  • 7. You arrive home on Halloween to a large package from your new boss, who’d bought every piece of your favorite candy from local stores. The note reads, “Save some for me.”
  • 8. You’re watching TV on Halloween night when your show is interrupted by a faintly familiar someone declaring their love for you and saying they’ve watched you all your life.
  • 9. You come home to find a stranger walking through your home, sipping your wine and admiring your collected antiquities. They startle at your approach and act as though you’re the intruder.
  • 10. The night before Halloween, you have a dream in which you wake up to see a dark shape standing outside your closet. You wake up screaming with your hands around your spouse’s throat.
  • 11. Election day looms, and Halloween feels more ominous than ever. You’ve kept the lights off, but that doesn’t stop one visitor from leaving a note: “Knew you lived here.”
    Mystery Writing Prompts
  • 12. Your best friend has gone missing, and someone keeps leaving small reminders of them in your mailbox. You see someone approach to deliver something else, and your heart nearly stops when you recognize them.
  • 13. You’ve always wanted a dog, so when a rain-soaked mutt shows up on your front step, you let him in. Unfortunately, something else hitched a ride.
  • 14. Someone moves into the apartment next door and starts playing loud music at night. You call the police, who find the guy dead holding a note with your name and address.
    woman covered by white curtain horror writing prompts
  • 15. Someone keeps replacing items in your home with different objects that look vaguely familiar. No one else has a key to your home, and there are no signs of forced entry.
  • 16. You bake some cookies to share with the new neighbor, but the terrified woman backs away from the plate, shaking her head. Someone from inside calls out, “I’ll have those.”
  • 17. Someone at work has offered to do a tarot card spread for you, and you politely decline. You find a single tarot card in your mailbox when you return home.
  • 18. You don’t remember wandering alone on a country road as a small child, but someone does. And he wants to make sure you’re not around to testify against him.
  • 19. Someone has gotten to your laundry before you and left it neatly folded in piles on top of the dryer. A note reads, “For more TLC, knock on #303.”
  • 20. The window of your apartment leads to a fire escape, but twice you’ve come home to find it open. Nothing is missing. But someone keeps leaving a ring on your kitchen table.
  • 21. You order a Christmas wreath for your door and the company sends you a package with money instead. The note reads, “Keep half. I’ll pick up the rest in 72 hours.”
  • 22. A child knocks on your door and tells you you’ll be visited by three people that night. One of them will show you your future. The child’s face reminds you of someone.
    Psychological Horror Story Ideas
  • 23. Your best friend is dating a woman who seems familiar to you — and not in a good way. Turns out, she’s got a bad feeling about you, too, and she warns your friend.
  • 24. You receive a surprise delivery of a holiday flower arrangement with a note from someone who went to jail for assault. The message reads, “I’ll be home for Christmas.”
  • 25. An abuser from your past has written you a long letter of apology, and you agree to meet them for coffee. You find your favorite coffee place deserted — on Black Friday.
  • 26. You broke up with your sweetheart when he lied about taking you to the prom and begged you to run away with him so he could escape an abusive home. He’s back.
  • 27. An old friend, who had tried to warn you about an ex-boyfriend years ago, has come back to town to run a diner. Within a week, known bullies start disappearing.
  • 28. For the past three dates, the guy you met ended up dead and posed as if proposing. A note on each one’s empty chest cavity reads, “My heart belongs to [your name].”
  • 29. You’re with a friend at the home of the guy she’s dating. In the bathroom, you find a box with jewelry for almost every birthstone. Yours is the only one missing. You hear a scream.
  • 30. Everyone keeps telling you your memories can’t be trusted. You’re safe with them. They’ll protect you. But you haven’t left the house in years.
  • 31. You thought it was cute when your little sister wanted to wear your aunt’s high heels and pose with a hand on her hip. But your sister had an uncanny way with accidents.
  • 32. You never expected to win the ‘57 Chevy from the church raffle. Neither did the car’s owner, who immediately tried to buy it back. He didn’t respond well to “No, thanks.”
  • 33. Every time you saw anything like “Tornado Warning” or “Flash Flood” in the news, you knew someone would end up dead. And your ex would blame the weather.
    11 Psychological Horror Writing Prompts
    “The Monster You Know” Story Ideas
  • 34. You come home to a dozen roses from a guy who’s been telling his friends you’re dating, and you get angry. For some reason, though, everyone you know is on his side.
  • 35. Your “Secret Santa” leaves an expensive bottle of wine with a note, “Drink me.” You call a familiar number and hear the phone ring on the other side of your door.
  • 36. Your dad has a secret known only to his twin brother, who mysteriously disappeared but left a note with a box of his belongings in the attic. You take it with you when you leave.
  • 37. You just broke up with the person who’s catering your best friend’s wedding. They also made the cake.
  • 38. Some of your in-laws have decided to deliver their sibling from you. When they cross the line, you make a promise to them and to your spouse. One by one, they disappear.
  • 39. Your health is steadily declining, and you don’t know why. Neither do your doctors, who test for the usual health issues and find nothing. Then someone calls to warn you.
  • 40. Your estranged father sends you a porcelain doll — the one he swears you told him you wanted. It has the face and hair of your missing mother. And her eyes are glued open.
  • 41. You’ve just told your family you’re asexual, and they seem to accept it. Out of the blue, the handsome guy next door shows up to ask you out, and your parents quietly nod.
  • 42. A cop pulls you over for driving a few miles over the speed limit, tells you to get out of your car, slams you against the hood and whispers in your ear, “This is from your ex.”
  • 43. You emailed your fiancé for months before meeting him for the first date. Now, you’re getting strange phone calls from someone claiming to be his wife and telling you to run.
  • 44. You stood numb at the coffin of a close friend and flinched when your father rested a hand on your shoulder. “Had to be done,” he whispered. “Remember the bigger picture.”
    Ghost Story Writing Prompts
  • 45. A small package bears the name of your sister, who died five years ago. It contains a pendant that matches her own and a note asking you to activate it by chanting, “Sisters Forever.”
  • 46. Your elderly neighbors died on the same day of an apparent suicide pact. In their will, they left their pug to you, along with a small box of what they called “magical items.”
  • 47. You receive a note penned by your best friend, who died in a car accident the month before, His parents had found it in his room and hand-delivered it, barely looking at you.
  • 48. You pounce on a new opening in the apartment building close to your favorite coffee place. The first night there, you wake up to ghostly shapes surrounding your bed.
  • 49. At your first slumber party, your friend’s older brother surprised you during a late-night run to the bathroom. He died a decade later in prison. Now you see him in your dreams.
  • 50. Your home is the high-tech brainchild of your best friend, who bequeathed it to you (rather than to his wife). It anticipates your every need and desire.
  • 51. You’ve been having dreams about a door that shows up in your room. In one, you walk through it and see someone you love being murdered. You warn them the next day.
  • 52. You’re the lone survivor of a horrific train crash, and everywhere you go, you see the ghosts of some of the passengers. Some have told you the crash was no accident.
  • 53. You’re looking through your mother’s possessions when a note slips out of the book she’d been reading, warning you about “the ghost who runs this house.”
  • 54. Your new boyfriend is obsessed with ancient artifacts, but when something hitches a ride on his latest find, you witness disturbing changes in his behavior.
  • 55. Your life is already complicated when your boss asks you to stay at his home to care for his dog while he’s away. You soon learn the house is as mischievous as the dog.
    Funny Horror Story Ideas
  • 56. You’re an editor for the college literary journal, and you’ve been getting poetic hate mail from a student who’s angry you didn’t choose their poems for the latest issue.
  • 57. Your favorite neighbor is a trans woman named Lani who looks out for you. She warns you about a guy down the hall, who keeps trying cheesy pick-up lines to get you to smile.
  • 58. Your co-workers tease you about your weight gain. One is found dead in the bathroom, her mouth stuffed with candy. Everyone but the custodian suspects you.
  • 59. An anonymous admirer sends you a singing telegram with a chilling question. Now you have less than 24 hours to sing your answer in a public square, with a flash mob.
    man leaning on glass horror writing prompts
  • 60. You sign up for wine deliveries but are disappointed by the first bottle you open and taste. On the label, you find a crass, insulting note from an old enemy.
  • 61. Your date finds out your BFF is asexual and starts asking intrusive and insensitive questions. When your friend shuts him down, he insults and warns you both.
  • 62. You’re working the dinner rush, and a customer loudly insists on changing her order the moment you deliver it. Someone quietly follows her as she storms out the door.
  • 63. You’re having an open house for your new shop, and you catch a customer shoplifting. She says, “I was told to come in here and take these. You’re being watched.”
  • 64. You arrive at your new house, and the keys from the realtor don’t work. Someone answers the door with a disarming smile. “So, you’re here about the room? Come in!”
  • 65. Your date is going well until you reveal that you have a dog. “I’m not really a dog person,” you hear. When you get a bad feeling and end the date, things get messy.
  • 66. Your journal goes missing, and within a week, a goofy, adorable guy starts showing up at your usual stops. He seems surprised to see you, but something isn’t quite right.

116 Writing Prompts

  • 1. Two coworkers working an overnight shift at a museum begin to suspect that the exhibits are coming to life and have sinister intentions.
  • 2. A teenage girl becomes increasingly disgusted with her body and turns to a dark ritual to change her appearance.
  • 3. A couple becomes stranded in an elevator in a high-rise building, but the elevator begins to descend floor by floor, revealing increasingly gruesome scenes.
  • 4. A young man becomes obsessed with someone unattainable, and their obsession leads them down a dangerous path.
  • 5. A group of friends goes camping in a secluded forest, but they soon discover that the ghosts of a long-dead tribe haunt the woods.
  • 6. A group of friends competes for a prestigious job, and one resorts to supernatural means to eliminate the competition.
  • 7. A family moves into a new home and starts to experience strange occurrences, but it turns out that the house itself is alive and has sinister intentions.
  • 8. Two strangers get trapped in an abandoned hospital, but they soon discover it is home to a sadistic ghost who likes to play twisted games.
  • 9. A couple spends the night in an old mansion, but they soon realize that the villa is a portal to another dimension where time moves differently.
  • 10. Two detectives investigate a series of murders in a small town, but they discover that the murderer is a supernatural entity that feeds on fear.
    Horror writing prompt
  • 11. A family visits a theme park but becomes trapped on a rollercoaster that never stops, seemingly taking them through a never-ending loop of terror.
  • 12. Two siblings go to their family’s cabin for a weekend getaway, but they soon realize that the place is haunted by their deceased father, who wants them to join him in the afterlife.
  • 13. A family moves into a new house, but they soon realize that their neighbors are part of a cult trying to sacrifice them to their dark god.
  • 14. A group of teenagers breaks into an abandoned theater, but the theater is haunted by the ghost of a former actor driven mad by his love for the stage.
  • 15. A family goes on a cruise, but the ship becomes overrun with a mysterious disease that turns people into savage monsters.
  • 16. A group of survivors takes refuge in a shopping mall during a zombie outbreak, but the mall is also home to a madman hunting them down.
  • 17. A group of coworkers goes on a team-building retreat to an isolated cabin in the Scandinavian mountains, but they soon discover that one of them is not who they claim to be.
  • 18. A young couple buys a historic mansion, only to realize that the previous owner left behind more than just old furniture.
  • 19. A young boy turns to a mysterious organization for help, but the help comes with a steep price and a deadline he can’t afford to miss.
  • 20. A young woman inherits an old farmhouse from her grandmother, only to discover that the property has a cursed past.
    Horror story
  • 21. A group of strangers is invited to a dinner party at a wealthy socialite’s mansion, only to find out that they are the main course.
  • 22. A woman works as a nanny for a wealthy family, but she soon realizes the children have a dangerous secret.
  • 23. A scientist and her assistant are stranded in a remote research facility during a snowstorm, only to realize that the genetically modified organisms they’ve been studying have escaped their containment.
  • 24. A group of friends is trapped in an escape room, but the puzzles and challenges are deadly traps set by a madman seeking revenge.
  • 25. An estranged father’s disappointment with his own life leads them to make a deal with a supernatural being, but the deal has a terrible catch.
  • 26. A woman goes to a resort for a relaxing weekend, but she soon discovers that the resort is run by a cult that uses the guests for its own sinister purposes.
  • 27. A nurse and her patient are stranded in a hospital during a zombie apocalypse and must find a way to escape before the undead overrun the building.
  • 28. A group of tourists visit an ancient temple but accidentally awaken a vengeful deity who begins to possess them one by one.
  • 29. Past mistakes haunt a lone survivor, and the ghost of his victim seeks revenge.
  • 30. A group of treasure hunters discovers a cursed artifact that slowly drives them insane with greed.
    Horror story setting
  • 31. A family visits a water park, but the slides are booby-trapped by a deranged former employee seeking revenge on the owner.
  • 32. A homeless man’s intense hatred for a group of people leads them to commit a terrible act, but the act has consequences they could never have imagined.
  • 33. A group of college students attends a Halloween party, but the host has set up a game of deadly dares that escalates as the night continues.
  • 34. A police officer and a suspect are trapped in an interrogation room during a city-wide blackout, but a demon possesses the suspect.
  • 35. A young man wakes up in a strange place with no memory of how they got there, and they soon discover that they are not alone.
  • 36. A person discovers their identical twin has a perfect life and decides to take over their identity with unparalleled consequences.
  • 37. A young girl stays at a bed and breakfast run by a friendly elderly couple, but she soon realizes that the host is a serial killer who hunts their guests for sport.
  • 38. A single mother and her son move into a new apartment, but strange noises and movements in the walls lead them to discover a hidden room with a dark secret.
  • 39. A family visits a theme park, but the rides and attractions are controlled by a mad scientist using them to test his latest inventions.
  • 40. A man takes a job as a security guard at an old warehouse, but he soon realizes that the warehouse is home to something much more dangerous than old crates.
    Horror story writing prompt
  • 41. A young man discovers a mysterious book that promises forbidden knowledge, but the knowledge comes at a terrible cost.
  • 42. A young woman works as a housekeeper in a grand old hotel, but she soon discovers that the hotel has a dark and dangerous secret lurking in the shadows.
  • 43. A group of college students stays up all night to study in their university’s library, but they soon discover that the books are cursed, and an evil presence haunts the library.
  • 44. A homeless man starts experiencing terrifying hallucinations that may or may not be real, and they are not sure if they are losing their mind.
  • 45. A couple on a romantic getaway at a beach resort discovers that the resort is home to a cannibalistic cult.
  • 46. Write a horror story set in a haunted house, where a young couple discovers an old door that wasn’t there before.
  • 47. A horror writer finds a real serial killer’s diary. As they start writing a novel based on it, the grisly murders described within begin to occur in their small town.
  • 48. On a Halloween night, a group of friends goes trick or treating in a parallel universe where their greatest fears become real.
  • 49. A young girl receives a letter addressed to someone else, containing instructions for a demonic ritual. She accidentally summons an evil witch, leading to unexpected consequences.
  • 50. Write a creepy story about a big house in a small town where strange symbols appear overnight, pointing to a mystery that dates back centuries.
    Horror Writing Character
  • 51. At a summer camp, a mad scientist’s experiment goes wrong, leading to a zombie apocalypse. Only the young and brave survive.
  • 52. Write a story about a little boy who receives an evil doll that once belonged to a demonic killer. The doll starts controlling the little boy, forcing him to do horrible things.
  • 53. A horror writer is trapped in a parallel universe where they must keep writing horror stories to stay alive. The twist? Each story becomes real in their original universe.
  • 54. Write about a lone survivor of a tragic car accident, who wakes up in an abandoned asylum. They start to question what’s real and what’s a product of their fractured human psyche.
  • 55. Write about a Halloween party where an evil witch curses the guests, trapping them in their most horror-filled nightmares.
  • 56. A teenage girl’s imaginary friend starts to manifest in real life, committing grisly murders. Who will believe her, and can she stop it?
  • 57. Write a horror story set in an abandoned house where a woman finds strange things start happening, leading to a terrifying revelation.
  • 58. An aspiring horror writer drinks a potion to get their creative juices flowing but begins to live out their own horror stories.
  • 59. Write about a woman who wakes up to the same day over and over again. Each day, she finds a different friend dead. How can she stop the loop?
  • 60. Write about a young man living a perfect life, until he finds his own name on a serial killer’s hit list.
    Horror castle writing prompt
  • 61. A horror story where a young couple moves into a big house, only to discover it was the scene of grisly murders committed by the husband’s estranged father.
  • 62. Write about the horror genre itself coming to life, where characters from the most horror stories start appearing in the real world.
  • 63. A group of friends watching a scary movie suddenly find themselves inside it. How will they survive?
  • 64. On Halloween night, a teenage girl and her little brother must survive a curse that brings all of their town’s horror legends to life.
  • 65. A competition to write the great horror story turns deadly, as each story written begins to happen in real life.
  • 66. Write about a serial killer who terrorizes a summer camp. The main character must use their knowledge of horror fiction to stop the killer.
  • 67. Write a creepy story where a little girl’s nightmares begin to manifest in real life, leading to a terrifying truth.
  • 68. In a twist of fate, a horror writer becomes the main character in their own horror story.
  • 69. Solve a series of grisly murders using nothing but horror prompts and mystery writing techniques.
  • 70. Write a horror story where an investigative team explores an abandoned asylum, only to discover it’s not as empty as it seems.
    Man in cursed library
  • 71. On a deserted road, a young woman’s car breaks down near an old house filled with strange things. What will she discover?
  • 72. A horror writer with writer’s block starts to live out their own horror prompts, leading to terrifying consequences.
  • 73. Write a horror story set in a big house, where every room has a different horror story to tell.
  • 74. An imaginary friend from childhood returns to take revenge on those who wronged their creator.
  • 75. Write a mystery where the main character wakes up to find themselves declared dead, and must solve their own murder.
  • 76. An old house harbors a supernatural force that torments its inhabitants with their worst fears.
  • 77. Write about a group of friends who must survive the horror of being trapped in a parallel universe filled with their worst nightmares.
  • 78. Explore the horror behind an old door in an old house, where strange things begin to happen.
  • 79. Write about a secret convention for serial killers that goes horribly wrong when a detective infiltrates it.
  • 80. Write a horror story based on real life, where a group of friends must confront an ancient evil in their small town.
    Horror story graveyard
  • 81. Solve the mystery of an abandoned house where strange things start happening after a group of teenagers dares to enter.
  • 82. Write about a camping trip where the campers encounter an evil witch who uses their fears against them.
  • 83. A tragic accident in a parallel universe unleashes a supernatural force that terrorizes a small town.
  • 84. Write a horror story where the main character must solve their own murder after being found dead.
  • 85. Write about someone who has the perfect life until they discover they are the target of a serial killer’s obsession.
  • 86. A group of friends are haunted by a supernatural force they unleashed during a Halloween party. They must find a way to stop it before it’s too late.
  • 87. A horror story where an old, forbidden book in a library leads readers into their worst nightmares.
  • 88. Write about a homeless man who can see people’s darkest secrets and uses this ability to fight off demonic killers terrorizing the city.
  • 89. A strange artifact found on a camping trip opens a gateway to a parallel universe where horror rules and the only person who can close it is the one who opened it.
  • 90. In a small town, the wrong person is accused of grisly murders. The real killer is something far more terrifying.
    small town horror story
  • 91. Write about a car accident that leaves the survivor with the ability to see the supernatural force that’s really controlling people’s lives.
  • 92. A group of friends discovers the real horror behind common horror themes as they manifest in their daily lives.
  • 93. Write about a young girl who must solve her own imaginary friend’s murder, only to discover a horrifying truth about her family.
  • 94. A haunted house attraction turns out to be genuinely haunted, leading to a night of terror for a young couple.
  • 95. On a family vacation to an old house, a young boy finds a hidden room filled with strange symbols and must unravel the mystery before it’s too late.
  • 96. Write about an evil doll that manipulates a little girl into committing terrible acts, only to find out that the doll is controlled by something even more sinister.
  • 97. A great horror story writer is cursed to live out each story they write. How will they escape a never-ending cycle of terror?
  • 98. A start writing class at a university becomes the center of a real-life horror story, where students begin disappearing one by one.
  • 99. Write about a series of grisly murders that are connected by a set of strange symbols, leading to an ancient and horrifying secret.
  • 100. A young man’s obsession with horror stories leads him to a real-life mystery involving an abandoned house, a ghostly apparition, and a century-old curse.
    Horror winter story
  • 101. Write a horror story about a lone survivor of a shipwreck who ends up on an island filled with dark and ancient secrets.
  • 102. On Halloween night, trick or treating takes a terrifying turn as children start disappearing, and a group of friends must find out what’s happening.
  • 103. A horror fiction fanatic starts to notice that their life is mirroring the plot of a horror novel they’re reading, leading to a race against time to change their fate.
  • 104. Write about a young couple who moves into a seemingly perfect house, only to find that it’s inhabited by the ghosts of previous tenants who all met tragic ends.
  • 105. An aspiring horror writer moves to a small town for inspiration but finds themselves living out a real-life horror story when strange things start happening.
  • 106. Write about a camping trip gone wrong, where strange and terrifying creatures begin to stalk the campers, leading to a fight for survival.
  • 107. A mysterious car accident leaves a woman with the ability to see into other dimensions, where she must prevent a demonic invasion.
  • 108. Write about a group of friends who stumble upon an old door in the forest that leads to a parallel universe filled with horror and danger.
  • 109. A story set in a remote summer camp where the staff starts to realize that the children are not what they seem, leading to a horrifying revelation.
  • 110. A young woman finds a mysterious old diary that contains instructions for summoning supernatural forces, leading to a battle against an ancient evil.
    Horror story abandoned building
  • 111. Write about a real-life horror story where a family moves into an old house, only to find that it’s haunted by the ghosts of its previous occupants.
  • 112. An estranged father and son must fight together to survive a zombie apocalypse, rediscovering their bond in the face of horror.
  • 113. Write about a seemingly ordinary family vacation that turns into a nightmare when they realize they’re being stalked by a relentless supernatural force.
  • 114. A story set in an abandoned asylum where a team of paranormal investigators uncovers something far more terrifying than they expected.
  • 115. Write about a parallel universe where the laws of horror fiction rule, and a group of people must navigate its twisted logic to survive.
  • 116. A young girl’s horror story writing prompts come to life, and she must find a way to control her creations before they destroy her world.

50 Horror Story Prompts, Characters and Settings

1. You survive the apocalypse purely due to a series of happy accidents. It turns out, an alien race orchestrated the doomsday events on Earth to see if humans were ready to ascend. As lone survivor, you’re selected to be the sole representative of humanity in the new world order.
2. Unpopular new arrivals in a town that treasures natural beauty, Michaela takes pity on her plastic surgeon father and goes to bed one night wishing that all of her classmates’ worst fears of their physical insecurities would come true.
3. You work at a Zombie Rehabilitation Centre in LA. It was your dream job until you realise you’re stuck teaching ‘Bite Inhibition’ classes.
4. Flattered to be one of the few freshmen listed on the most popular sorority’s website “Fresh Meat”, you turn up to a party in your honour at the Kappa Kappa house. At the end of the night, you discover a secret book containing a step-by-step plan of ‘How to eat the class of 2022’.
5. Former beauty pageant queen transforms into a hungry werewolf on the most important full moon of the year, on the prowl for the ‘next pretty young thing’. This year’s pageant hopefuls are armed to the teethed and willing to fight for the crown.
6. You’re a vain, ancient witch adapting to the 21st century by getting a job at the Apple Store so that you can enchant teenagers’ smartphones and sap their youth through their devices.
7. Stacey’s perfect family life begins to unravel one day when a malicious spirit moves in and inflicts itself upon its host, jumping around between her, her husband, and her two daughters.
8. You terrify your family when you wake up floating two metres above your bed. An exorcist tells them he’s cured you, but the demon doesn’t actually leave your body. It’s learned to come out only when you are alone.
9. Taking part in a prison experiment for extra credit, 11 university students are unable to explain the violence that overcame them, and the brutal death of the 12th student, citing demons over any psychological element.
10. You’re trying to put your house on the market. You’ve lived there all your life, and you’re the last surviving member of your family. Every estate agent you bring in to the house dies in a tragic accident days later.
11. Uni student Jamie was looking for some extra cash when he signed away two weeks of his summer vacation to take part in a simple clinical trial. But when he realises patients are having their organs harvested against their will, his experience turns into a brutal, bloody nightmare.
12. Someone in your neighbourhood has been committing grisly acts of violence on people at night. You set up a camera to investigate and catch an exact replica of yourself in the act.
13. A well-intentioned break-in turns nasty for a group of friends who become trapped in a ‘chalet of death’ as the stunning vacation home turns into a gruesome automated killing machine at night.
14. You take a summer job at an amusement park. When covering for a coworker on the rollercoaster booth one night, body parts start flying off the ride. You stop the train and find that all the passengers are long-dead corpses.
15. Night-time brings terror for caring but agoraphobic cat lady as her six beloved pets transform into flesh-hungry demons as soon as it’s dark out.
16. You’ve seen The Quiet Place and Birdbox, but what if the monstrous entity who invaded Earth destroyed humanity through touch? Each ‘spore’ is as big as a city, growing bigger each time it absorbs a victim. A pack of survivors must spread out if they want to make it through an ever-narrowing world in order to find, and destroy, the epicentre.
17. Susie is a wedding photographer whose camera starts to reveal monsters unseen to the eye that prey on the love of newlyweds. When Susie’s clients start to disappear from their honeymoons, she is the only person who knows what’s really happening to them.
18. You’re a teacher chaperoning swimming lessons at your school. You inspected the pool yourself, but when the kids get in you see an enormous, invisible creature come to life. The first drowning is ruled as accidental, and to your horror, the lessons continue.
19. College student Josh is tapped as a pledge for an ultra-secret society via coded messages, which are unbeknownst to him left by the ghosts of past members who each met gruesome ends. The final test forces him into an abandoned storage facility where he must carry out increasingly punishing tasks on other pledges.
20. A close relative who died before you were born is standing in the upstairs window of the house across the street. You have no doubt it’s them. When you work up the courage to break in to the neighbour’s house and confront them, you turn to see the person you came to find now visible in the window of your own house.
21. The local sheriff’s night turns hellish when the man he locked up uses his telekinesis to lethally booby trap the station.
22. A mother of three does all she can to protect her family from imminent doom when she begins having visions of their collective deaths.
23. You’re out walking the dog one afternoon when you find yourself caught in a physical endless loop in the woods. You feel yourself losing time but you can’t find a way out.
24. Humanity took to the sea to survive the rising sea levels caused by climate change, but now their ocean rigs are massively overcrowded, resource-poor, and steeped in disease. A deadly class struggle breaks out on one of the stations.
25. A wayward AI has slowly infected all computers and devices, subtly turning humans against each other. Now living in a culture of suspicion and distrust running on the currency of violence, nomadic young Kit refuses to kill to survive.
26. You’ve grown up as the next generation of the most wealthy and successful humans who survived the end of the world. Your world unravels when you realise that those raising you have in fact been the robot overlords who destroyed humanity. They copied the skins of those they found locked in an emergency bunker and started to artificially grow humans as pets and slaves.
27. Trapped inside a small cabin by her phobia of the rain, one of the last surviving human women on earth tries to survive the night when a horde of those infected with the plague (that wiped out most of the human race) track her down hungry for blood.
28. After a tragic accident on his 21st birthday, Peter gets back in touch with his estranged father via email. He flies 6000 miles to stay with him, but when he arrives he’s pulled into a deadly catfishing game carried out by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
29. You wake up in your childhood bed, look down at yourself, and find that you’re 12 again. You can’t see yourself in the mirror, or in photos, but everyone else can see you. You’re convinced you’re going to disappear altogether.
30. Suspecting his wife of infidelity, Ben hires a private investigator to catch her in the act. When she disappears without her lover, Ben begins to suspect the man he hired had something to do with it.
31. You work the graveyard shift at a 24 hour on-campus library. While snooping around you come across a handwritten book that was started three decades ago. It contains a record of all the accidents and atrocities that have happened at the school since then. A week later, a girl falls off the roof and dies. During your next shift, you see a beloved professor writing in the book. You start to doubt everything when the death is ruled an accident.
32. Summer is excited to be spending her semester abroad, until she witnesses some locals performing a horrifying ritual on her fellow traveller.
33. Your parents reveal a horrid secret to you on your 18th birthday. Your idyllic lifestyle in a small, isolated community will come to an end if you don’t start participating in the cult’s obscene rituals. If you refuse, you’ll be sacrificed against your will for the cause.
34. Born into a futuristic fringe community that abhors physical contact, a young woman’s attempts to break free are met with the harshest repercussions.
35. Callie is delighted to be driving to college in her graduation gift – a brand new electric Mercedes – when an EMP attack leaves her stranded by the side of the road. There’s nothing but forest around for miles, until a lumberjack with a dark past pulls up beside her.
36. Ten years after you said goodbye to your imaginary friend, you see their face on the evening news next to the headline ‘The Redfield Ripper’s Recent Attacks’.
37. An insane chef renting a cabin in the woods sharpens up their knife skills on whoever is unlucky enough to disturb them.
38. Cal is a postman resigned to a boring new route in a rural valley when he comes across three beautiful sisters living alone in a big house. He finds himself there almost every day hauling curious packages. A bout of bad weather knocks a tree down on the only road in, and a few days later, Cal is greeted with a terrifying scenario at the front door.
39. For months, your dog keeps waking you up at the same time every night. He barks at the window. When you look out onto the street, you see the same stranger watching you. The stranger can’t be recorded, and nobody believes you when you tell them. One night, thinking yourself delirious, you invite him in.
40. Told from the POV of the youngest sibling of an ancient coven of vampires, Clara and her family are ‘monsters’ living their lives in fear of a powerful new hunter who has trapped them in a small town and is threatening to pick them off one by one.
41. Down on her luck librarian Eliza idolises famous American movie star Marsha Green. When she comes across an ancient tome under some rotten floorboards and begins to meddle with unknown forces, she sets events in motion which alter Marsha’s life forever.
42. You win the lottery. But every time you spend some of the money, no matter what you use it for, bad things happen. You go back to where you found the lucky ticket, pinned to a tree, and it’s now covered in unfamiliar symbols.
43. A revolutionary new computer game downloads itself onto the laptops of a group of 11-year-olds. After playing all night, they return to school to find their in-game actions inflicted on their classmates. Suspecting their strict teacher to be behind it, the kids must figure out how to undo her spell and reverse the damage they have done.
44. You’re an overbearing mother who wishes she could give her daughter the perfect life. You do more harm than good with your cosmetic spells and emotional enchantments, nearly destroying the life of your sixteen year old, who eventually exacts her revenge in equal measure.
45. Working late one night, an exec finds himself unable to leave his bewitched office chair as a scorned investor instructs him to perform humiliating acts in front of his webcam as penance.
16. A teenage girl goes to an illicit gathering in the woods one night and meets a boy. Their encounter ends badly. She wakes up to find teeth and nail marks, and realises she is a little less alive than she was the day before.
17. You dreamt of the zombie pandemic as a child. You dedicated your life to preparing an antidote, waiting for the outbreak so you could develop a cure. You are shunned from the scientific community for your ‘fringe beliefs’. At the first signs of sickness in your loved ones, you kidnap them and take them to an underground research facility where you push yourself to your limits and make dire choices in anticipation of saving the human race.
18. Years after her best friend is murdered, detective Alana’s latest case leads her to a mansion overrun by a horde of zombies led by a hauntingly familiar face.
19. You’ve never questioned your landlord’s odd behaviour, desperate as you were for cheap rent. But when the fuse blows and no one is around to fix it, you uncover a nasty truth in the basement’s freezer. It’s overflowing with brains!
20. You’re a doctor volunteering in the latest wave of deadly outbreaks across Europe. When you’re morally unable to kill patient zero in the early stages of a new unknown strain, you must live with unleashing the zombie virus across the world’s population.

50 Places

1. An empty school
2. A graveyard
3. Look at old paintings
4. Go through old photo albums
5. An empty house
6. The basement
7. The attic
8. A toy store after closing time
9. Visit an old library
10. A museum
11. An old lady’s house that hasn’t changed in decades
12. A scrapyard
13. The dessert
14. The ocean (the deeper, the scarier)
15. A secluded island
16. The forrest on a misty day
17. A snowy tundra
18. A corn field
19. A zoo
20. A shopping mall
21. An abandoned…well…anything
22. A hospital
23. Prison
24. A locked room
25. A hotel
26. A log cabin
27. A swelteringly hot day
28. Suburbia…but different
29. A run-down urban street
30. A room full of puppets
31. Backstage of the theatre
32. Empty corridors leading nowhere
33. A morgue
34. A rubbish dump
35. An empty road in the rain
36. The top of a mountain
37. Ancient ruins
38. The inside of a church
39. A fairground after closing hours
40. A circus
41. A cave
42. Beneath the streets of a big city
43. A metro station/the tube
44. An airport
45. The kitchens of a hotel or restaurant
46. A factory
47. An old stone quarry
48. Overgrown railway line
49. A bookshop
50. A boat

50 Characters

1. Clown
2. Little old lady
3. Troubled teenager
4. A person with no eyes
5. Police officer
6. Nurse
7. Woman with dramatically applied make-up
8. Lumberjack
9. Writer
10. Gangster
11. Sex worker or pimp
12. Someone with blades for fingers
13. Baby in a crib
14. Toddler that doesn’t speak
15. Girl in bedclothes with hair that covers her face
16. A character that belongs in another time
17. Scarecrow
18. Animal that can talk
19. Person with wings for arms
20. A very normal looking mother. A bit too normal.
21. Robot
22. Someone who is meant to be dead
23. Thief
24. Zoo keeper
25. Chef
26. Librarian
27. Teacher
28. A goody-two-shoes child
29. Cowboy
30. Airline pilot
31. Captain of a ship
32. Firefighter
33. Scientist (everyone loves a mad scientist)
34. A single dad
35. A mother with more kids than she can handle
36. Farmer
37. Waitress
38. Sewage worker
39. Lion tamer
40. Builder working on an new house
41. Archeologist
42. Security guard
43. Traffic warden/meter maid
44. Artist
45. Someone with wheels for feet
46. Judge
47. Prison warden
48. Door to door salesperson
49. Shy secretary
50. Nun or priest

40 Writing Prompts

1 A woman wakes up in the middle of a swamp, a severed arm handcuffed to her wrist.
2 Three teens use a ouija board and contact the spirit of a murdered witch.
3 A father is convinced one of his twins is possessed, but he can’t tell which one.
4 A cannibal that only eats other cannibals.
5 A single mom who looks after her child, unaware that she already died protecting that child.
6 An Antarctic expedition that gets stranded in a bay that shouldn’t exist.
7 A serial killer who murders and impersonates the new sheriff in a small town before that sheriff can meet anyone.
8 A house full of ghosts who are living (as best they can) a normal life when a non-dead couple moves in.
9 A cult leader trying to con people out of their life savings only to unleash an ancient evil.
10 A woman discovers a spot on her skin that slowly grows every day. As it grows, it looks like words that describe how she’s going to die.
11 On a road trip, a family finds an abandoned car on the side of the road. With no service, they can’t call for help so they decide to keep driving, only to have their own car break down a few miles later.
12 To try and help with their trauma, a grief counseling group goes on a weekend retreat. But their hosts turn out to be practitioners of some ancient religion.
13 Trying to save his family from losing their home , a man signs up for a gladiator-style bloodsport hosted by wealthy families.
14 In the wake of a global plague (too soon?) a woman wakes up from a coma and must find her children in a city filled with criminals and virus carriers.
15 Someone volunteers to donate a kidney to their best friend, but didn’t sign up for whatever they put in its place.
16 The party must dive into the pitch-black, claustrophobia-inducing hive of monsters to slay the monstrous queen.
17 A necromancer is kidnapping people from the nearby village, stitching their body parts together with magic to create unspeakable monstrosities.
18 In a clan of vampires, one human child tries to survive a family that would drain them if they discovered the truth.
19 Two thieves must journey through a cursed tomb to find a magic amulet.
20 A strange traveler wanders into a village, somehow knowing and exposing a shocking number of secrets held by the villagers.
21 A plague has swept through the land, turning the afflicted into zombies.
22 A cleric must exorcise a monarch while demons from all across the kingdom try to stop them.
23 Centuries ago, a country was cursed by a witch. Since then, everyone born in the country has carried a birthmark representing the curse. Our protagonist gives birth to a baby who doesn’t have the birthmark.
24 A good witch is pursued by witch hunters, forcing her to seek refuge with an evil coven.
25 A walled town has lived for decades with werewolves prowling the lands beyond their gates. But resources are running out, and the townsfolk must brave the wolflands to find a new place to settle.
26 A newly discovered moon is thought to have resources a planet needs for energy production, so it sends a mining team. Unfortunately for that team, the moon is also home to a breed of feral aliens that doesn’t take too kindly to visitors.
27 A company developing a new A.I. has a security breach, unleashing the malicious program through the company’s campus and employees.
28 A spaceship breaks down near a strange star, and the radiation from that star is slowly eating away at their minds as their oxygen starts to run out.
29 A peaceful alien race is systematically hunted by human colonizers who want to terraform their planet.
30 An archaeological expedition in another solar system uncovers remnants of a society and a religion that promises immortality… at a price.
31 While visiting the matriarch of an alien species, a diplomat is infected by a parasite that connects them to the aliens’ hivemind.
32 A man addicted to augmenting his body is implanted with something infected by a computer virus that makes him see ghosts.
33 In the near future, violent solar storms disrupt and destroy technology, plummeting society into an age without electricity.
34 Scavengers find a ruined ship floating in space and decide to strip it for parts. There, they find a crew that looks exactly like themselves still in cryosleep.
35 In a dystopian society, burglars no longer break into your house but hack into your mind.
36 On vacation, a family learns a tsunami is approaching and they can’t find a flight to safety.
37 Friends on a backcountry hiking trip suffer an accident, stranding them days away from help.
38 In the middle of a bustling town fair, a child is taken.
39 A stay-at-home mom is delivered a letter claiming her partner has died. She can’t reach them and they never checked into their hotel.
40 Woken by their alarm, a family finds the front door of their house open.


112 Writing Prompts

1 A small girl named Julie is walking down a country road when she finds a cemetery and realises it is her home town. She goes to her house and finds that it has been turned into a hospital. She finds her father and her mother there. Her father tells her that she is now a part of the hospital and that she must work to be paid. Julie and her mother go to work as nurses.
2 A girl named Becky is walking in her neighbourhood when she sees a little boy playing in the street. Becky runs over to him and asks him what he is doing. He tells her that he is a little monster and that he will kill her if she does not leave him alone. Becky takes off running and the little monster chases her.
3 A little girl named Melissa is walking through the park when she finds a little boy who tells her that he will eat her if she does not take him home. Melissa takes off running and the little boy chases her.
4 This one involves a kid named Angela. One night she goes to sleep and when she wakes up the next morning her hands have turned into the claws of a cat.
5 A boy named Billy is walking down the street one day when he sees a homeless man. He notices some fruit by the man. When the homeless man is not looking, Billy steals the fruit. Later on, he goes home and eats this piece of fruit. The fruit is poisoned, and Billy goes blind.
6 A story of a kid who loves to eat the flesh of dead animals, but one day a man appears and tells him not to eat them.
7 Write a story about a young boy who is terrorized by an invisible monster.
8 The invisible monster is eating kids and it is in their room all the time.
9 A handsome prince on a quest to learn magic wants to marry the beautiful princess, but the kingdom is being attacked by demons, ghosts, and…his dad.
10 The whole little town goes insane. They start killing people with their mouths. They kill them in the most gruesome way.
11 A serial killer is taking photos of their victims. He is telling them how he is going to kill them. And then he starts his killing.
12 Two kids named ‘Bud’ and ‘Chip’ got separated from their parents. They live next door to a witch and are unable to leave the house. One day, the witch makes their parents get into a container, and leaves them in the backyard, chained to a tree.
13 A summer camp where a powerful wizard casts a spell on the children to make them do his bidding.
14 A ghost that follows you around and cries on your shoulder and if you get sad it gets angry and turns into a ghostly voice that spooks people.
15 The lead character is haunted by a ghost who knows the truth about their past.
16 A girl named Dana, who works at a daycare centre, doesn’t trust anybody. This causes her to make sure she does everything she can to stop any other person from ever entering her place.
17 One day, the princess wakes up in a terrible nightmare. She is being chased by something, she cannot see what it is. And then she hears the voice of her mother, telling her to run away. She goes to her room and sees that the covers on her bed are in a shape that reminds her of the monster she just saw. She knows she cannot sleep in this place. She goes to the other side of her room and sees a window. She goes to the window and finds that it is an opening to a new world…
18 A girl named Misty lives with her parents and their next-door neighbour who is an evil witch. One day her father and the witch get into a fight and the witch accidentally kills him.
19 A boy named Sam is suffering from a terrible disease and he only has days to live. He’s in a coma, and he’s not responding to any medical treatments. Until one night he starts to experience some new changes…
20 A little girl named Mina finds a genie. The genie grants her 3 wishes. Because Mina has been a victim of bullying, she uses all her wishes to punish her bullies with ghoulish consequences.
21 One day, a boy named Marcus went out to take a walk, and he found a jar that he thought was full of gold. Marcus had also found a bag that was heavier than he could lift, but he drags it home anyway. When he opens to bag he discovers something disgusting…
22 A creepy character named Nemesis is trying to kill Luke, who plays video games and lives in his basement. At night, Luke hears voices telling him to hide. He goes to the basement and a creature knocks him out. He ends up as a character in his gruesome game.
23 A boy named Josh loses his best friend to a freak accident. He finds the other half of a bracelet he gave his friend that day. He hangs on to it until one night the bracelet brings his best friend back to life.
24 Write a story titled, The Ghost Writer. Write about the ghost of someone who haunts you.
25 Write a scary ghost story about a man who is cursed to spend eternity as a ghost.
26 A boy named Brody is having problems adjusting to life in his new home after his parents divorced. He tries to see his dad, but they don’t want him around. One day he discovers a secret passage to a hidden underground world where his father now lives.
27 A story about a young man named Kenny, who works as a garbage man. He also has a terrible stuttering problem that he has to deal with. One day he discovers that his stuttering is getting worse and worse and he becomes scared to death because of it. He thinks that the talking squirrel next to him is a demon.
28 Write a story about an object in your room that becomes haunted.
29 A boy named Bryce has been hiding out from his abusive father. One day his father is gone and his dad’s new girlfriend walks into the house. He thinks it’s the ghost of his dead mother. The ghost shows him that his dad’s new girlfriend has been lying to him about how his birth mother died.
30 A young boy named Spencer and his sister Sarah, are on a camping trip when they find a box of mysterious objects. When they open it, one of the items shoots at them, striking Sarah and trapping her in a pod inside a tree. While locked inside the tree, Sarah meets an evil doll named Alice.
31 A young girl named Cassandra is babysitting her neighbour’s two kids. One day the kids eat some forbidden foods and a demon spirit possesses one of the kids and turns him into an evil creature who haunts the neighbourhood.
32 A little girl named Hayley discovers a secret house that no one in the neighbourhood knows about, and is welcomed inside by a red-eyed white bunny. One day when Hayley goes to a party, her newfound friend kidnaps her and traps her inside this mysterious house.
33 Write a horror story about a horrible accident or a nightmare that has haunted you your whole life.
34 A boy named Joshua falls into a river and is about to drown when he gets rescued by a beautiful mermaid. She tells him that he will die the next day because that is his destiny.
35 A young boy named Alex finds a set of glowing door keys and uses them to enter a huge abandoned mansion. When he explores the mansion, he is visited by a dark spirit who attacks him and drives him insane.
36 A boy named Sam wakes up one day to find that his parents have been missing for over a year. The day he discovers them, they tell him that he was kidnapped by aliens, and they built an experimental human brainwashing machine.
37 A young boy named Toby starts having strange dreams of a girl named Stella. One day, he sees Stella when he’s on a roller coaster, but it turns out to be a ghost who is trying to take over his mind.
38 A little boy named Ben is playing outside one day when he finds a strange leaf. When he picks it up, it turns into a leaf with a red eye and starts to follow him.
39 Write a horror story about a ghost who just wants to kill the person who called him a monster when he was alive.
40 A young girl named Annabelle is adopted by a family that lives in a very old house. One day when is playing outside, she is kidnapped by a scary man named the Nightman.
41 A young boy named Jack gets lost in the woods and finds an old abandoned house. He enters the house and finds a huge stuffed animal. When he touches it, it wakes up and attacks him.
42 Imagine your worst fear and write a scary story about it.
43 Write a horror story titled, A Rude Awakening. What would you do if you woke up in a place that you weren’t familiar with?
44 The Mysterious Case: What happens when someone goes missing and no one knows where they’ve gone?
45 Write about a monster that might be stalking you in your dreams.
46 Write a story titled, When The Wind Blows. This story could be about a sudden change in weather that comes with a new problem.
47 Continue the following story: Suddenly, the demon in the mirror reappeared and she began to scream.
48 When the doctor gave her the news, she screamed out loud and ran in circles.
49 In her final hours, she told me to be thankful that I had done my best to keep her safe. That I had made sure no evil would ever hurt her again.
50 Continue the following horror story: As I was growing up, every year our family went camping in the woods. My grandfather passed away a few years ago. He was a rich man, and I wanted to visit his grave at the cemetery.
51 While walking around the forest, I came across a monstrous-looking creature. I was scared and ran back home. The next day, I decided to go back and see what the monster was doing.
52 Write down your biggest fear. And then write a story based on this fear.
53 When I looked in her file I saw that she had gotten five serious stab wounds. But, I could not see any sign of her attacker. Her wounds were all over her body and all over her arms.
54 After discovering that a spider was sleeping in her bed, a young girl named Amy screams and runs away, locking herself in the bathroom.
55 A scientific team is doing research on electricity. They find a very strong cell that could create many things when it is exposed to electricity. Suddenly the electricity static comes alive. It gets angry and attacks the scientists.
56 A little girl named Amber loves to play with her new imaginary friend. She calls him “Giant” and she makes up stories about him. She believes that he is her friend for real.
57 Continue the following story: As it continued attacking, it even caused my teeth to start to melt off of my jaw. My skin would start to burn, and my hair would become brown.
58 It’s Friday. The TV is on, and you are wide awake. As you lie there listening, you begin to feel tired. And just as your eyes begin to close, you hear a creak of the floorboards. Your eyes snap open. What you see scares the living hell out of you.
59 You wake up one morning to find your entire body covered in blood. What do you do?
60 How would you react if you were locked in a room and told you could never leave?
61 What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? Can you explain this in great detail?
62 Make a top ten list of the creepiest books or stories you have ever read.
63 Describe the most gruesome and disgusting creature you can imagine.
64 Write a horror story where there is a threat of animals getting out of the zoo.
65 Continue the following starter: A red-eyed man of tall and dark build looms over a bus stop on a lonely, deserted country road, staring at me intently. I run like hell to get to the other side of the street, but it’s too late…
66 A strange animal has been following you through your home. Have you been doing anything strange or dangerous that has made it freak out?
67 Someone is leaving you messages in the dead of night. What’s the creepiest message you’ve received?
68 Create a ghost story about a creature that watches and waits in the corners of dark, abandoned places.
69 Jack and Jill went up the hill, but they never came back down. Will they ever make it to the bottom? Write a horror story based on this idea.
70 The history of your town has a long dark secret that nobody wants to talk about. What is it?
71 Reality show participants get kidnapped and sent on a dangerous mission, where they must learn how to blend with mutated creatures.
72 In a small community in Japan, a supernatural force enters the community through a sewer. To beat it, the village must learn to work as a team and think like a beast.
73 School kids don’t believe in ghosts until they’re suddenly being terrorised in their school at night.
74 Someone is using a contaminated strain of bat DNA to create vampires in real life. And it’s up to a group of scientists to put an end to it.
75 The dead walk, and all they want to do is get what they were promised. Will you figure it out?
76 An aspiring rapper, who always dreamed of singing in front of an adoring crowd, becomes the target of a spell that makes him unable to sing, his most cherished talent. Will he survive the consequences of his initial desire to be a star?
77 Continue this story: You look into the mirror and see a man in black standing in the corner…
78 Imagine that you stumble upon a really creepy story in your local library and it leads you on a very strange and frightening journey.
79 When night falls, people get teleported to an area far away, in a very different world! The only way to return home is by combining body parts with the different elements of the land.
80 A small town gets taken over by a wicked witch, who’s on a mission to suck the souls of all the inhabitants.
81 When someone posts an ad online about finding a soul and bringing it home for a price, things get really interesting.
82 What would happen if human DNA was spliced with that of a deadly monster?
83 A guy receives an advance warning from his friends in the afterlife to get ready for the afterlife, or something worse may happen…
84 A girl gets a letter that someone wants to give her a present before they die, but the present comes with a very specific clause. What happens when she follows the instructions?
85 As a local woman is trying to recover from the death of her husband, she discovers an old diary, in which she discovers something that happened in her past that has led to events that followed.
86 It’s beginning to look like Christmas! But there’s more to Christmas than Santa and presents. A deadly secret is hidden away in a child’s bedroom. And with a massive killer about to make an appearance, it’s a race against time to track him down.
87 A ship sets sail for the distant colony of the Empire, but its mission becomes a mission to find the source of evil.
88 Using a sinister new machine, a small-town mayor is convinced to turn his town into a hell-like world.
89 A group of four friends are lured into an abandoned house by a pack of wild dogs.
90 Complete the following sentence in three different spooky ways: I went to a party and…
91 The captain was anxious to get home, but the sea was so rough that his ship could not make it. Suddenly, from the fog, a giant black claw appeared. The giant black claw grabbed the ship and then brought the ship to the bottom of the ocean.
92 A monster named Dybylu wakes up one morning, alone in her room. She can feel it in the air; her pet cat is afraid. She goes to look in the mirror and see’s a human staring back at her.
93 A little boy is asked to help a spirit of a man who was murdered, but as he hears the story, it sounds weird and a bit confusing, and he begins to wonder if the story is even true.
94 In a playground near an orphanage, there are many playgrounds where kids play. The best playground is found next to an abandoned asylum.
95 A drifter named Mick goes to a farm with his friend Sam, and the owner of the farm is a creepy scientist. Mick climbs a barn ladder and sees a strange cat in there…
96 A sweet girl named Annie and her sister, Charley, are having an adventure in their neighbourhood. Suddenly, Annie spots a strange black cape creature lurking in the distance. It was the most feared and horrible creature Annie has ever seen.
97 The main character goes to an island that no one has visited before. He is enjoying his vacation, but one night he finds out that his home is being invaded by creatures who want to steal his soul.
98 A witch known as ‘Spookie’ causes horrible hallucinations to victims of her nightmares. Her victims can’t scream or cry or run. All they can do is panic.
99 A girl named Paige finds a stick that attracts a mysterious creature that will play a sick joke on her.
100 One day, a girl named Robin started having problems in school. Her parents, who are very smart and caring, see something is very wrong with Robin so they take her to the doctor. The doctor makes her go through a lot of tests, and everything is okay except for one last thing. Robin has black blood running through her veins.
101 A teenage girl named Sarah who is obsessed with her appearance starts turning into an old, ugly witch every time she looks into a mirror.
102 When bees start dying suddenly out of nowhere, the lead detective in a bee colony must find the culprit.
103 A strange jigsaw puzzle holds a horrific secret… In it, a grinning demon holds a girl’s head in its giant mouth.
104 A little boy sees a drawing of him in a forbidden book he had found. He is then transported to a never-ending forest, lost forever…
105 An adult is being haunted by their younger self.
106 A reporter goes into the woods where there was a fierce animal attack. In this attack, five women and a little boy were killed. He decides to search for evidence on who this killer creature might be…
107 A man lives by himself in a flat in London. A mysterious person starts sending him letters which talk about how scary things will happen if he doesn’t leave his flat.
108 A 7 year old girl is having a sleepover at her friend’s house. Her friend’s mom leaves them alone, but they soon find out that she was poisoned, and that a ghost has taken over her body.
109 The first animal the kids see is a snake that eats people’s brains. It sneaks around in people’s kitchens.
110 The story starts off with a character telling the readers about the night he and his parents got stuck in a revolving door. The night would haunt him for the rest of his life.
111 A long time ago there was a man named Tommy, who was lost in a forest. Tommy thought he heard a ghost calling him. Tommy went in the direction of the noise and found a scary-looking house that has windows that never opened. Tommy finds out that the house belongs to a witch and that if he opens the windows, the witch will turn Tommy into a puppet.
112 This is a story about a little boy and his dog.  The little boy goes to a big park, and he sees a dog that is alone. He walks over to the dog, but it just barks and then runs away. The next day Tommy starts turning into a human-sized dog.


50 Horror story writing prompts

1. A small town is terrorized by a mysterious creature that lurks in the shadows, yet no one knows its true form. Is old Mrs. Smith looking at me oddly?
2. An old woman lives alone in an isolated cabin deep in the woods and has been warned never to go outside after dark. What happens when she ignores this warning one night?
3. An abandoned carnival suddenly reappears in a town populated with cursed dolls that come alive at night.
4. A small town is plagued by a series of strange disappearances and mysterious deaths that begin during a lunar eclipse.
5. On a road trip, you find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar town with no cell phone reception or way to contact help…and then you realize a group of high-functioning zombies inhabits it!
6. You wake up in a mysterious motel with no memory of how you got there. Why is everyone around you so afraid of the rain?
7. After discovering a strange creature in the woods, you soon realize it has the power to grant wishes – but at what cost?
8. A young girl wakes up after a car accident. Everyone’s speaking a strange language. What has happened, and can she get home?
9. An old man wakes up to a zombie apocalypse. Can he save his wife from the ravenous undead?
10. A child’s imaginary friend suddenly comes to life. Except they attach themselves to the wrong person.
11. An ancient evil has returned from beyond the grave to exact revenge on those who wronged it centuries ago.
12. A funeral home is the focus of a series of mysterious deaths that can’t be explained by normal means.
13. Two strangers are trapped in an elevator with no way out, and they slowly begin to realize a supernatural presence is among them.
14. After being cursed by a witch, your reflection in the mirror slowly starts to change, becoming something else entirely.
15. After a long voyage, your ship docks at an abandoned island – but what lurks beneath its foggy surface?
16. You stumble upon an old book filled with dark secrets – secrets so powerful they could unleash untold horrors upon the world if revealed.
17. Strange things are taking place at Carrie’s new high school. Can she find the only person who can help?
18. A group of horror writers spends the weekend in a woodland lodge for a writer’s retreat. But then their story ideas come to life.
19. The ghost of Stephen King haunts a woman terrified of scary stories.
20. A couple watch a scary movie in a deserted shack in the middle of the woods. All is excellent fun until there’s a knock at the door.
21. A group of teenagers gets lost in a creepy abandoned house. Strange and sinister things start happening as they try to find a way out. Only to discover their pursuer is hungry for blood.
22. When your car breaks down on a deserted highway, you must face an unspeakable terror before finding help.
23. Trick or treating goes badly wrong when Jake and Olivia knock at the door of the old house at the end of the street.
24. A gang of teenagers on their first holiday without their parents run into trouble when they crash their jeep in a deserted town.
25. A young couple discovers an old door they didn’t realize was attached to the back of their cellar. They’ll wish they never opened up!
26. A Halloween party goes badly wrong when the bad kids with a taste for blood spike the punch.
27. High school was never much fun for Johnny. Now it’s the reunion, it’s time to get even.
28. Is Andy paranoid? Or is someone really following him? And why are the town’s pets meeting an untimely death?
29. A group of friends find themselves stranded in a creepy cabin in the woods on a dark and stormy night, unaware that an escaped serial killer has just been spotted nearby.
30. After a strange meteor lands in their small, rural town, the locals start turning up dead with strange bite marks left on their bodies.
31. A family moves into an old mansion, not knowing its horrifying secrets are hidden in the basement.
32. All tenants are dying in the newest skyscraper to hit the New York skyline. Surely a new building couldn’t be haunted?
33. An isolated cabin in the wilderness holds a dark secret, and something sinister emerges from within its walls one night.
34. A decrepit old mansion is rumored to be haunted by malevolent spirits – trapped within its walls for centuries.
35. A group of ghost hunters set out to investigate an abandoned asylum, only to find themselves face-to-face with their deepest fears…
36. A family moves into an old, big house, unaware of the evil force that lurks within and threatens to destroy them all.
37. While exploring an abandoned building, you stumble upon something ancient – and deadly – hidden away in its depths.
38. A young couple moves into their new house. Only to discover the previous tenants are living in the attic.
39. A group of friends ventures into an old abandoned mine, only to find the remains of something very sinister lurking deep underground.
40. The joy of moving into their new home is marred by the noisy neighbours they weren’t warned about!
41. You receive an ominous letter warning you of danger if you don’t leave your home immediately. But who sent it, and why?
42. You receive a mysterious package with no return address – when you open it, you find something sinister inside…
43. After being cursed by an otherworldly entity, your life slowly unravels as your worst nightmares come true.
44. A mad scientist is found dead in his lab – the lone survivor of his great experiment has appeared in a parallel universe to exact revenge.
45. A woman wakes to discover her close friend lying dead on the sofa.
46. A woman finds a little boy who seems lost and frightened, disrupting her perfect life in ways she could never have thought possible.
47. A little girl seeks out her estranged father but discovers a secret about a tragic accident that reveals her mom is an imposter.
48. A gang of serial killers makes a satanic pact to exact revenge on the justice system that incarcerates them.
49. A mad scientist develops artificial intelligence that solves his loneliness. But why have the locks been changed? And how did the windows get boarded up?
50. A serial killer is on the lookout for a new victim. Unfortunately, that person is you.


35 Horror Writing Prompts

1. There’s a door in the basement of the chapel. It is locked, chained, and boarded over. The priests tell you to ignore it, but every time you come to sweep the dust, you hear the faintest call for help.

2. You live alone in an old house. During the evenings, you spend hours practicing on the piano. One day, as the last note fades away, you hear someone clapping.

3. In a small town, children are abducted and later found hanging beneath a tree. The townspeople tear the tree down and uncover a small coffin. Within is the desiccated corpse believed to be the child of the witch they lynched all those years ago.

4. A historian discovers messages hidden within the journals of history’s most powerful leaders. Decoding them reveals a conspiracy that’s held the world in thrall for thousands of years.

5. You visit your fiance’s hometown. The locals keep telling you never to stop your car along a particular stretch of road, but your curiosity gets the better of you. Now your car refuses to start and you see eerie lights racing toward you.

6. Your character has always wanted to know how it feels to kill someone. They post an ad and quickly find a willing victim.

7. Your town is beset by a storm that suddenly comes out of nowhere. Every flash of lightning illuminates strange creatures flying among the dark clouds.

8. A young boy goes missing. They find him sitting happily inside a cave with strange symbols carved into his body.

9. While on a road trip with your family, your car breaks down. You’re forced to take a detour to a town currently celebrating a local festival. As you wait for repairs, the celebrations quickly turn macabre.

10. An accident destroys a man’s face to the point that people find him disgusting to look at. The bullying pushes him to the brink, and now he’s skinning other people’s faces and using them to cover up his own.

11. Campers are found massacred deep in the forest. Attributing the tragedy to of a man-eating bear, rangers are sent in to hunt it down. What they find is much worse.

12. You wake up one day and discover that your mouth has been stolen.

13. You sort through hundreds of photographs and pick several to include in your professional portfolio. You notice that all of them have one thing in common, despite being taken at different venues and events: a child, unnoticed by anyone in the pictures, staring right at you.

14. All over the country, dozens of people are experiencing the same nightmare. Though they can’t make sense of it, all of them can feel that something is coming.

15. The monster in the closet is real.

16. A woman wakes up to find herself chained to a wall, inside a bare room. Her crazy ex walks in.

17. You are arrested for the grisly murders that have been happening all over the town. The police have a video of you leaving the latest victim’s house two nights ago, bloodied and clutching a knife. But you weren’t even in town for the entire week.

18. A man wakes up to find all of his fellow villagers gone. He finds the first one of them dead just outside the village. The corpse is covered in rashes and boils, the face set in permanent agony.

19. Every time you look in the mirror, you can’t help but feel that something’s looking back. It turns out, a demon has found its way into your house through all the mirrors within.

20. The International Space Station falls silent and any attempt at communication fails. People are sent in to learn what happened and find the station devoid of any life.

21. A vampire comes into town, looking to claim it as their hunting ground. But there’s already a vampire living in town, and you’re not interested in sharing.

22. Something ancient emerges from the swamp near your town.

23. A child is murdered and the whole town grieves her loss. Two days later, the parents get a call from the daughter they killed.

24. Your pet dog goes missing. It returns weeks later, but you can feel that there’s something wrong with it.

25. While at sea, a ship finds itself surrounded by a strange mist. The sailors begin hearing the voices of the drowned.

26. You find the perfect family to host you while you do research outside the country. Everything is well during the first few days, but you soon notice that something’s off about them.

27. Obsessed with immortality, a medical doctor begins replacing his aging organs with those of his younger victims. The whole city is alarmed by the growing number of corpses with missing body parts.

28. You receive a letter from your abusive husband who’s currently serving time in prison. Inside is a photo of you sleeping in your bed, within your locked apartment.

29. A bunch of reckless youths break into a house looking for things they can sell. They find themselves unable to escape and are subjected to torture by the house owner, who is secretly a serial killer.

30. A librarian discovers a diary wedged behind a bookshelf. Inside is a confession, written by the person responsible for a tragedy that happened on campus decades ago. The culprit warns that it will happen again in the future—this year, in fact.

31. You are about to marry the man of your dreams. A week before the wedding, a stranger approaches you and tells you to run as far away as possible from your would-be-husband. The stranger is later found dead.

32. It is Halloween and all kinds of monsters are out trick-or-treating. One of them, you find, is not wearing a costume.

33. Your husband comes to visit you and the kids every year, on your wedding day. The problem is, he’s already been dead for years.

34. You stare at your best friend’s face as she lies peacefully in her coffin. Her parents come over, pat you on the shoulder, and whisper, “It had to be done.”

35. Archeologists unearth ruins in the middle of Antarctica. Excited to discover a previously unknown civilization, they press on into the depths. Their activities disturb the thing hibernating within.

159 Horror Writing Prompts

  1.  1. Your family moves into a new home, only to find out it’s haunted by the ghost of a previous occupant.
    2. You and your friends go camping in the woods, but a mysterious killer begins stalking you.
    3. Alone at home, you hear strange noises coming from within the house.
    4. Your car breaks down late at night in a dark, isolated area while driving home from work.
    5. You and your friends decide to play with a Ouija board, accidentally summoning a demonic presence.
    6. Waking up in a hospital, you have no memory of how you got there or what happened to you.
    7. Discovering that your children have been playing with a voodoo doll, strange occurrences begin happening to them.
    8. A group of teenagers dares each other to stay overnight in a haunted house.
    9. You start receiving terrifying phone calls and strange gifts at your doorstep.
    10. Living alone, an elderly woman notices objects in her house mysteriously moving on their own.
    11. On Halloween night, a creepy child dressed in a clown outfit shows up at the door of your babysitting gig.
    12. You find out that your identical twin sister has been locked away in an asylum and decide to switch places with her.
    13. As layoffs loom at work, your colleagues start dying in mysterious accidents.
    14. Inheriting your deceased grandmother’s house, you find a haunted music box.
    15. Following a car accident, you start having nightmares of your own death.
    16. Your group of friends discovers their beach hotel is haunted during their vacation.
    17. Trying on clothes in a dressing room, you realize you’re not the only one present.
    18. Your regular poker game is disrupted when you realize one of your friends has been replaced by an impostor.
    19. After being stranded on an island, your group of survivors becomes the prey of cannibals.
    20. On a Mexican vacation, you stumble upon disturbing rituals at an abandoned temple.
    21. Settling into your new home, your family realizes they’re not alone.
    22. Returning from war, you discover sinister doppelgangers have taken the place of your family members.
    23. Driven by financial desperation, you agree to participate in a dangerous medical experiment.
    24. Performing maintenance on an old elevator, you find yourself trapped overnight with terrifying company.
    25. Investigating odd noises in your attic, you make a horrifying discovery.
    26. Imagine a small town where a mysterious curse transforms townsfolk into animals under the cover of darkness.
    27. Picture a woman tormented by the spirit of her deceased sister, who relentlessly attempts to end her life.
    28. Envision a group of friends camping in the woods, stalked and hunted by ravenous werewolves.
    29. Contemplate a young girl possessed by a malevolent demon, striking terror and death in her community.
    30. Ponder a man who gradually realizes his wife has been replaced by an extraterrestrial being.
    31. Think of a family moving into their dream home only to discover it’s inhabited by vengeful ghosts.
    32. Visualize a woman pursued by her abusive ex-lover returned from the afterlife.
    33. Consider friends visiting a haunted house, unaware of the frightening spirits awaiting them inside.
    34. Imagine a zombie invasion during a couple’s Caribbean getaway.
    35. Envision a mother’s fight to protect her children from a nightmarish creature hiding in their closet.
    36. Picture an evil witch transforming people into frogs, forcing them to race against time to break the spell.
    37. In the midst of an eclipse, vampires emerge to feast upon unsuspecting humans.
    38. A twisted scientist creates a serum that turns its victims into undead zombies and unleashes it on the world.
    39. A woman is tormented by sinister, phantom-like children.
    40. A detective uncovers a shocking truth: werewolves have committed a string of grisly murders.
    41. People fall victim to demonic possession through everyday technology.
    42. On Halloween night, the dead rise as zombies to roam the Earth.
    43. A brave sibling must protect their younger sister during a home invasion.
    44. A family moves into a new house, only to find they’re being watched by an unseen presence.
    45. Teenagers partying in a deserted warehouse get trapped, facing dire consequences.
    46. A man, subjected to cruel experiments, channels newfound psychic powers to exact revenge.
    47. Kids at summer camp discover the staff members are aliens with a sinister plan.
    48. As teens roam through an abandoned asylum, they begin to vanish one by one.
    49. An American family vacationing in Japan unwittingly stumbles upon paranormal Yakuza activity.
    50. While hiking in the mountains, a group of friends must find their way back before darkness falls.
    51. Envision a space expedition going horribly wrong when the crew realizes they’re not alone on their ship.
    52. Imagine friends using a time machine and ending up in a parallel universe where menacing creatures are hunting them.
    53. Consider a woman astronaut haunted by a ghost from her past that she thought she left behind.
    54. Ponder an alien invasion taking over a small town, leaving a group of teens to save the day.
    55. Visualize a cursed alien object causing gruesome deaths to whoever touches it.
    56. Think about a mad scientist experimenting on people to create the perfect human.
    57. Picture people trapped in a deadly maze on a faraway exoplanet created by a lunatic.
    58. Reflect on a virus turning humans into zombies, with survivors fighting for their lives in a world of ruin.
    59. Contemplate a girl who starts seeing unseen creatures after making a wish on a shooting star.
    60. Envision a boy discovering a mysterious door in the forest that takes him to an unwelcoming world.
    61. Think about a girl with psychic abilities accidentally opening a portal, unleashing terror upon her town.
    62. Imagine friends uncovering an evil alien entity behind strange disappearances near their hometown.
    63. Ponder a student’s terrifying hallucinations of an alien invasion caused by mysterious pills.
    64. Visualize an eclipse leaving everyone blind, except for one person.
    65. Consider mysterious disappearances in a town, with aliens as a possible culprit.
    66. Reflect on a girl discovering an old photo of herself at her grandparents’ house, with no memory of it being taken.
    67. Picture a future with a hive mind connecting everyone, and a woman hearing voices that aren’t her own.
    68. Contemplate astronauts on a deep space mission finding a hidden creature aboard their ship.
    69. Envision a woman waking from cryogenic sleep to find she’s the last person on earth.
    70. Ponder a dark secret hidden by corporations ruling a world without democracy.
    71. Think about scientists accidentally opening a door to another dimension while working on a top-secret project.
    72. Reflect on a woman realizing her perfect life is an illusion created by an AI brain implant.
    73. Imagine a man stuck in a deadly time loop, living the same day over and over.
    74. Consider an environmental disaster forcing humanity to live in a dome city ruled by a tyrannical government.
    75. Visualize a world with cloning, and a woman realizing her identity isn’t what she thought.
    76. Contemplate a family vacation in space ruined by an alien creature stalking them.
    77. Envision a woman with someone else’s still-beating heart inside her chest after surgery.
    78. Ponder a world where people can upload their consciousness into virtual reality, and a man discovering he’s not the only one controlling his avatar.
    79. Think about friends playing an augmented reality game with deadly stakes against a mysterious opponent.
    80. Picture an alien invasion forcing humanity underground, and someone venturing back to the surface only to find something far more horrifying.
    81. Reflect on a small town terrorized by a killer who’s not quite human.
    82. Imagine a woman exploring lucid dreaming, later realizing she’s not the only one inside her mind.
    83. Consider a world controlled by AI, where a man starts to question his own memories.
    84. Visualize a woman haunted by nightmares that turn out to be real, discovering she’s not the only one suffering from them.
    85. Contemplate scientists resurrecting extinct animals, only to create something far more dangerous instead.
    86. Reflect on a man who suspects he may have started a zombie outbreak after a suspicious virus appears.
    87. Ponder women drawn to an alien after a strange invasion, but is it just a physical attraction or something more sinister?
    88. Picture yourself and your friends gathered around a bonfire, sharing ghost stories. As one tells a tale about a cursed house nearby, you suddenly realize you’re standing in front of that very house.
    89. A quiet Halloween night spent home alone becomes terrifying when you hear someone break in. As you hide under the bed, the intruder is already in the room with you.
    90. Driving home from a Halloween party, your family hits a deer on the road – except it’s more than just an ordinary deer.
    91. Babysitting on Halloween night, the power goes out and you hear strange noises coming from upstairs.
    92. Walking home from work, you notice a man following you. Your pace quickens, but so does his – and he’s always right behind you.
    93. A dare leads a group of teenagers to spend Halloween night in a haunted graveyard, only to discover they are not the only ones there.
    94. Trick-or-treating with friends, you encounter a seemingly abandoned house with its lights on and voices inside.
    95. Playing basketball alone on Halloween, a mysterious clown approaches you on the street.
    96. Cleaning up after a party, you discover a hidden door in your basement that leads into darkness.
    97. A chilling phone call from an unknown number threatens you on Halloween night.
    98. Exploring an abandoned mental asylum with friends on Halloween, you hear strange noises coming from a cell.
    99. Taking an alley shortcut, you notice something odd in a dumpster.
    100. Moving into a new house on Halloween, an eerie feeling overwhelms you.
    101. Babysitting on Halloween, unexplainable events occur while you’re alone with the children.
    102. A remote cabin trip with friends for Halloween quickly becomes a nightmare with no connection to the outside world.
    103. As you trick-or-treat, a masked man follows your every step.
    104. After moving into a new home, paranormal happenings plague your family’s first Halloween.
    105. Discovering an old box in the attic, the contents send shivers down your spine.
    106. An unexplainable force draws you to an abandoned house on Halloween night.
    107. Curious teens follow your town’s haunted history, only to realize they are being watched by an evil presence.
    108. Finding an ancient book on Halloween, a young boy unknowingly releases malevolent forces.
    109. Desiring adventure, a group of teens leaves a Halloween party to stumble upon a forbidden place.
    110. On Halloween, a haunting text message arrives from an unknown sender during a midnight horror movie.
    111. First Halloween in a new home, you begin to realize your family isn’t alone.
    112. Lying in bed, the slow approach of footsteps up the stairs on Halloween night fills you with dread.
    113. A power outage causes uneasy knocking on apartment doors during Halloween night.
    114. As you set up for a Halloween party, lurking shadows indicate you are being watched by something malevolent.
    115. Unwelcome Occupant: You and your family move into a new home, only to realize it’s haunted by a former resident.
    116. Nightmare Hauntings: A mysterious figure tormenting your dreams puts your family in danger.
    117. Spiteful Spirit: A haunted fixer-upper reveals the vengeful ghost of a former owner.
    118. Deadly Dare: Friends stay overnight in a haunted house for a dare, only to discover the danger is real.
    119. Malicious Phantom: Your family moves in, only to find a malevolent spirit already residing in the house.
    120. Demonic Husband: Strange symbols in your home make you suspect demonic possession of your spouse.
    121. Ghostly Messenger: A tormented girl receives cryptic messages from a ghost.
    122. Portal to Darkness: Your new home connects to a demonic realm through a mysterious entrance.
    123. Terrifying Twins: Expecting twins, you worry that one is possessed by a demon.
    124. Dark Secret: Unbeknownst to them, your family moves into a house with a history of brutal murders by the owner’s son.
    125. Mother’s Nightmare: Strange scratches on your daughter’s body make you think she’s possessed by a demonic entity.
    126. Mirror Menace: Suspicion of your husband’s infidelity grows as you notice another woman’s reflection in the mirrors.
    127. Haunted Marriage: Your relationship is tested when your new home turns out to be haunted.
    128. Ghostly Visions: After moving into a new home, you suddenly gain the ability to see spirits.
    129. Eerie Sounds: Unusual noises emanate from your home’s attic.
    130. Dark Communication: Your son starts speaking in tongues and behaving strangely, making you think he’s talking to demons.
    131. Hidden Horrors: You find remnants of a gruesome past concealed in your new home’s walls.
    132. Unexpected Roommate: Moving into your first house together, you and your partner quickly realize something unseen shares the living space.
    133. Imagine you and your friends go camping and find yourselves hunted by a mysterious and possibly non-human creature.
    134. Consider a woman haunted by a ghost that desperately needs to communicate something important.
    135. Think about a woman discovering her son is possessed by an evil demon.
    136. A family vacationing in a secluded cabin starts to encounter unexplainable events.
    137. An evil witch curses a village, turning all its inhabitants into various animals overnight.
    138. A family moves into a new house already inhabited by ghosts seeking company.
    139. A woman discovers her supernatural abilities and uses them to stop a force of darkness from enveloping the world.
    140. A group of friends is stalked by a killer who knows their darkest secrets and deepest fears.
    141. A psychic girl foresees her own death but is powerless to stop it, adding to her fear.
    142. Two young girls learn they possess witchcraft powers and must stand against a wicked sorcerer.
    143. A family is visited by the ghost of their young child, who tragically passed away.
    144. Your mother becomes possessed by an evil spirit, endangering everyone in her life.
    145. An exorcism goes haywire, unleashing a horde of demons into the world.
    146. Unfriendly angels begin to descend from heaven with ominous intentions.
    147. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride into your town, bringing death, destruction, and chaos.
    148. People begin to inexplicably and spontaneously combust around you, with no discernible cause.
    149. A rampant wave of demonic possessions starts affecting your community, turning loved ones against each other.
    150. Unending nightmare: Your protagonist wakes up and realizes they’re caught in a never-ending bad dream.
    151. Hidden family secrets: Your protagonist’s nemesis turns out to be their long-lost twin sibling.
    152. Extraterrestrial encounters: The menacing creature is actually an alien from another world.
    153. Ghosts with a purpose: The spirits haunting your protagonist are time-travelers from the future, trying to avert a catastrophe.
    154. Reincarnated nemesis: Your protagonist discovers they are the reincarnation of the villain they despise.
    155. Psychic revelations: Your protagonist realizes they have psychic powers and have been experiencing visions of future atrocities.
    156. Supernatural portal: The seemingly ordinary small town setting is actually a gateway to the underworld.
    157. Demonic doll: The murderer is an evil doll that springs to life under the cover of darkness.
    158. Purgatory prisoner: Your protagonist has been dead all along and is trapped in purgatory.
    159. Reader revelation: In the end, the reader realizes they are the true culprit in the story.

101 Horror writing prompts

1) You are accused of beating a man but you have no memory of the incident. You start hearing voices in your head and realize that evil spirits have entered your body.
2) A psychologist suggests a new therapy to a patient after which the patient starts getting scary nightmares.
3) A man insults a circus clown after which the clown commits suicide. The clown’s ghost now haunts the man.
4) A hunter sees a blood-sucking vampire in Albanian forests and flees to save his life.
5) A volcano erupts near the Pacific Ocean and releases a wicked force living at the bottom of the volcano.
6) A girl finds an ancient key and unlocks a box, releasing 20 monsters who had been imprisoned for 500 years.
7) A mother purchases an ancient dollhouse with Chinese dolls for her daughter and realizes that the dolls are haunted by cursed spirits.
8) A strong current pulls a fisherman into the ocean’s deep waters. The fisherman sees a ship and manages to climb into it, only to realize that it is a phantom ship.
9) A boy is followed by the shadow of death everywhere, leading to death wherever he goes.
10) A gardener finds an ancient telephone while digging in the garden and accidentally contacts aliens using that telephone.
11) An explorer discovers a cave and sees a banshee living in the cave. The banshee traps him in the cave.
12) A child breaks a magical snow globe and hears screams. Suddenly there is heavy snowfall and hailstones begin falling hard from the sky.
13) A priest opens a locked room in a church and releases ghosts of dead scientists who want revenge.
14) A thick fog suddenly envelops a tiny village and a wicked witch who feeds on sorrow enters the village. She enchants dead bodies and makes them obey her commands.
15) A girl starts getting dreams of what will happen in her future. To her horror, every dream comes true and she must act before the dream of her death becomes reality.
16) A drunk man throws a stone in the dark and urinates near a tree where a zombie lives. The angry zombie tortures the man.
17) A poacher is haunted by the spirits of animals whose skin he has sold.
18) A woman takes a free lift from a man who is a demon in disguise. Attracted to her, the demon takes her to the land of demons.
19) A museum adds a new artifact to its collection without realizing that the object is cursed and belongs to an ancient tribe. Angry, the tribe performs black magic on all the museum’s employees who must face torture till the artifact is returned to its rightful owners.
20) A girl befriends a stranger on a train who hypnotizes her and she is forced to obey him.
21) A librarian sees a young girl who was supposed to have died in 1913. The young girl asks for the librarian’s help to take revenge against a powerful man. When the librarian refuses, the angry girl unleashes horror into the librarian’s life. The librarian begins seeing blood on the walls and hears creaking sounds, scary footsteps, and a hand that reaches out to kill her.
22) A businessman doesn’t honor the promise he made to a poor man. He suddenly realizes that all the bad incidents that the poor man experienced are now happening to him.
23) One day, you wake up and begin to hear the thoughts of trees, plants, and animals, and echoes start haunting you wherever you go.
24) A government employee visits an orphanage for a survey and finds out how every child is controlled by a satanic cult.
25) A crazy and gifted musician creates an eerie tune that enchants and forces people to kill other people.
26) A group of friends is separated due to a landslide and finds themselves in parallel universes due to the mistake of an inexperienced sorcerer.
27) You enter an abandoned house and the door slams shut on its own. You realize that you are trapped in that house and see a strange yellow light.
28) You find a key to a magical land of history and a dragon follows you from the historical land to the earth.
29) An actress is kidnapped by a witch who wishes to manipulate her and control the world.
30) An investigator who tries to find out the truth behind a college student’s murder realizes that the boy invoked supernatural forces before dying. Now, the investigator must stop the supernatural forces from killing him and other humans.
31) A scientist discovers a door to the land of memories and accidentally damages the memory of his identity, forgetting everything he knows about himself.
32) A boy is cruel to a rat and other rats angry at his cruelty, drag him inside a big black hole.
33) A bed bug sucks the blood of a magical witch and starts growing larger.
34) A magician has the rare gift of bringing dead people in paintings to life. Chaos spreads after the magician brings Hitler to life by working magic on a painting.
35) A horrible black monster steps out of the Atlantic Ocean and begins eating everything it sees.
36) A teacher finds an old coat that belonged to a demon in the past. Every time he checks the coat pocket, he reads news of people dying. Hours after he reads the notes, the people mentioned in the notes die and blood spots keep appearing on the coat.
37) A beggar walking close to a forest finds a trail of notes and happily picks them up. Later, he realizes that the notes belonged to wedding guests who died in an accident. The ghosts of the wedding guests notice that he has picked up the notes and haunt him.
39) A sorceress trapped in an enchanted mirror manages to control a young girl who pulls her out of the mirror.
40) A team of psychic youths is hired to find and fight a ruthless demon who feeds on despair. They must make a terrible sacrifice to prevent the demon from knowing their darkest secrets.
41) A lady discovers an old well near the flat she is renting. She peeps to see what is inside the well and a half-human, half-animal hand grasps her neck.
42) A journalist arrives at her flat and finds a scary message written in red ink on her mirror. The message reads,”‘I’m coming for you!” and somebody has drawn a smiling face with red ink on the mirror.
43) An angel is given the task of saving the world from a deadly plague. An army of tiny demon bacteria fight the angel and try to force him to go back.
44) A man desperately tries to remove his car which is stuck in a swamp. Suddenly, he sees a muddy, ugly, hairy creature raise its head from the swamp.
45) A camper suddenly sees a little girl sleepwalking with an evil smile on her face and blue sparks flying from her hands.
47) Imagine that Pandora has a human heir called Nymphadora who opens a box she discovers. Tiny creatures that have feelers like needles step out of the box and make an attempt to stop time and the wheel of destiny.
48) You wake up and discover that you are 40 years old whereas the day before, you were just 19.
49) A couple who are hiking enter a village where no one speaks and everyone has pale yellow eyes.
50) A traveler accepts a drink from a tribal and after drinking it, falls into a deep sleep. The next day he realizes that he is in a large cage with animals and the tribals are dancing around the cage.
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51) You’re attending a masquerade party in a snowy area where everyone is dressed as animals You see a large, hairy, ape-like animal and recognize that it’s a real Yeti. The Yeti, realizing that you know his true identity wants to kill you.
52) A wicked group of vampires land on Earth with a mission to kill all humans and settle on Earth. They enter your house and want to kill you and your family.
53) A couple has rented a room in a palace to spend the night. While using the elevator, the elevator suddenly stops midway, the light starts flickering and the couple hears screams.
54) An archaeologist discovers a document about cursed gold and becomes obsessed with finding the gold. His quest leads him to the cave where a wicked witch lives.
55) You discover an ancient diary that contains strange incantations. When you read them aloud, Satan appears.
56) An evil spirit enters a city and all dogs start barking without stopping. A dark shadow gradually dims all lights in the city.
57) An injured man finds an old, abandoned clinic and enters the clinic, hoping for treatment. He is confronted by a zombie who has made the clinic its home.
58) A boy presses a magical button that makes him travel in time. Unfortunately, he chooses the wrong time portal and lands in an insane asylum.
59) You see the face of a werewolf at your window’s glass. The werewolf breaks the glass and you have a few seconds to escape.
60) A boy finds a strange red device with a black button in the mud. The boy presses the button upon which, the people who are alive die immediately and dead people start coming to life.
61) Strange things happen to a teenager after he performed planchette with a group of friends for fun. His car stops working, the bus he travels from gets punctured and he is unable to return home.
62) A scientist invents a potion to restore his youth. However, he makes a mistake while adding an ingredient to the potion. Hence, when he drinks the potion, his skin grows deformed, with white patches and thick fur.
63) A horse rider discovers bones in an old stable. When he tries to burn the bones, the bones surprisingly do not burn. Instead, a thick white fog suddenly envelops the stable, and evil spirits emerge from the bones.
64) A sorcerer blurs the difference between dreams and reality. You can’t understand whether you are in a dream or what is happening is real.
65) A woman opens the door and finds a woman claiming to be her aunt. She also shows photographs as proof and the woman allows her ‘aunt’ to enter the house. The aunt then gives the woman a strong potion, drinking and the woman falls into a deep sleep. When the woman wakes up, she realizes that she is in the netherworld and sees beings with no light in their eyes.
66) An alpine skier has a terrible fall from a mountain. A group of nomads see her and forcibly take her to an old temple. They slit her leg with a knife and perform a strange ritual.
67) The last living witch on earth brings a puppet to life. The puppet sucks out all the magic out of the witch and becomes stronger. It uses its power to block the sunlight and kills humans in the dark as a sport.
68) A researcher finds out about a rare tribe that can make themselves invisible and travel with lightning speed. While trying to find the tribe’s descendants, she suddenly is face to face with their guardian who tries to kill her.
69) You enter a house where a psychic man has been staying in secret. When you confront the man, he uses his mind power to enchant all metallic objects, make them airborne, and position them to attack you.
70) You come across a rare animal that can change its shape at will. To your horror, it suddenly changes its shape to look like you and tries to kill you.
71) A boy returns to his remote village after a long time and realizes that all villagers are hypnotized and have black marks on their hands.
72) A lady never invites guests to her house and rarely ventures out of her house. A detective realizes that the lady’s life is manipulated by a cat who is a witch in disguise. The detective must save himself and the lady from the wicked cat.
73) A man finds tapes that his girlfriend gave him before she died. He hears an eerie screeching sound in the background when he plays the tapes. To his horror, he hears the same screeching sound and scary footsteps after he stops playing the tapes.
74) A student finds a hit list of people who will soon be killed. The list was created by a demon in disguise. The demon kidnaps the student to prevent him from telling anyone the truth.
75) A girl hires a tutor to learn Japanese. One day, she realizes that her Japanese teacher transforms into a werewolf every full moon.
76) A journalist finds out about a mysterious spaceship that landed on earth. Suddenly, he has terrible accidents and an invisible force tries to kill him.
77) A 12-year-old child sees a mysterious violet light streak across the sky. Whenever the light shines, somebody dies.
78) An intruder touches an electric fence and is jolted by a strong current. Before his eyes close, he sees an ugly ghoul looking at him.
79) A historian finds out about a rare voodoo practitioner who is the last of an ancient, mystic tribe. He arrives at the voodoo practitioner’s hut only to find the place ransacked and the voodoo practitioner gone. He suddenly sees ghosts floating in the air and hears a grandfather clock laugh menacingly.
80) You meet a strange old man who can read your thoughts and easily manipulate everyone around you.
81) Vampires gatecrash a Halloween party and terrified guests are unable to escape.
82) A group of friends decided to have a scavenger hunt on Halloween. Suddenly, all the friends disappear one by one.
83) A giant wakes up from a deep sleep on Halloween and stamps his foot in rage. This leads to an earthquake and all guests at the Halloween party are in danger.
84) You realize that all the incidents you read from a scary Halloween story are happening in real life.
85) You hear an eerie tune on Halloween night and wake up in fright. Suddenly, you see the face of a big black bear outside your window.
86) You accept a dare to visit a haunted house on Halloween. Suddenly, you hear screams and utensils falling in the haunted house.
87) A family decides to punish their extremely naughty son and not celebrate Halloween. On Halloween night, the parents leave home due to an emergency, leaving their naughty son alone at home.
88) A group of friends decide to sleep at a graveyard for fun on Halloween. Suddenly, they see ghosts emerging from the tombstones.
89) A tailor who makes costumes for Halloween is kidnapped by witches who want to have their own Halloween party.
90) Write a short story on Halloween using the words phantom, nightmare, banshee, and voodoo.
91) A crazy scientist challenges a colleague on Halloween to drink a potion that he has created for an experiment. The colleague drinks the potion and starts shrinking.
92) A witch enchants the pumpkins that will be carved for Halloween. When guests try to carve the pumpkins, blood starts oozing from the pumpkins.
93) A boy befriends an alien who wants to celebrate Halloween. When the alien arrives at the Halloween horror costume party, it gets scared and starts attacking everyone.
94) A girl insults a tarot reader who makes a terrible prediction about her on Halloween. She continuously experiences bad luck, has an accident, and wakes up in the hospital. She realizes that she has forgotten her identity.
95) A man befriends a she-banshee on Halloween who grows extremely possessive about the man. Whenever anyone touches the man, the banshee kills him.
96) A serial killer enters a Halloween party and his next target is you.
97) A group of friends enter a horror maze to celebrate Halloween and are trapped inside the maze. Suddenly, they are confronted by a real ghost who grins wickedly at them.
98) A ghost in your house attracts the presence of animals on Halloween. All animals begin entering your house and you are forced to leave your house.
99) You are a part of a ghost-buster team. You are given the secret task of capturing a dangerous ghost from a Halloween party. The dangerous ghost recognizes you, tries to kill you, and gets very violent.
100) You meet a stranger at a costume party at a neighbor’s house for Halloween. Suddenly, the stranger touches you and whispers strange words in an unknown language. You are transported to an eerie land of spirits, ghouls, trolls, banshees, and zombies.
101) You are hiking with a group of friends on Halloween. You see a black castle floating in the air. A ladder on the ground is positioned, leading to the door of the castle. You and your friend climb the castle and the door slams shut. A wicked dwarf who is the castle’s caretaker tells you that you are trapped forever.

140 Scary Story Ideas

  1. 1. The Haunting of the Perfect Life: A young woman discovers that the perfect life she moved into is the setting of several gruesome murders from the past.
  2. 2. The Peculiar Case of the Halloween Doll: A little girl receives an evil doll for Halloween, causing strange things around the house.
  3. 3. A House of Echoes: A haunted house that replays the last moments of its previous occupants to the current residents.
  4. 4. Doppelgänger: A young man encounters a perfect doppelgänger of himself and learns he is a product of a twisted experiment.
  5. 5. The Little Boy’s Monster: A little boy’s imaginary friend turns out to be a vengeful spirit who wants to consume his soul.
  6. 6. Misplaced Identity: After a car accident, a woman wakes up in a parallel universe where she is the serial killer she had been investigating.
  7. 7. The Wrong Body: A woman wakes up in different bodies every time she goes to sleep.
  8. 8. The Whispering Forest: Strange things happen when friends go on a camping trip into an ancient whispering forest.
  9. 9. Mother’s Discovery: A mother discovers her teenage daughter’s ability to foresee death.
  10. 10. The Cult of Shadows: A small-town mayor becomes the unwilling leader of a mysterious cult that worships a supernatural force.
  11. 11. The Abandoned Asylum: A group of friends breaks into an abandoned asylum only to find they’re not alone.
  12. 12. Memory Lane: A man with dementia starts remembering details from his past as a serial killer.
  13. 13. The Halloween Séance: A Halloween night turns deadly when a group of teenagers accidentally summons a vengeful spirit during a séance.
  14. 14. Possessed: A young girl buys a necklace at a yard sale, not knowing that it’s cursed with demonic possession.
  15. 15. The Roommate: A new roommate has a deadly secret. The other tenants in the apartment building start disappearing.
  16. 16. The Hunting Game: A serial killer invites his victims to a deadly game of survival in the wilderness.
  17. 17. The Feast: A group of friends is invited to a feast in a secluded mansion, only to realize they’re on the menu.
  18. 18. The Collector: A homeless man collects human teeth, each telling a horror story.
  19. 19. Mirror Image: A teenage girl gets a vintage mirror for her birthday and soon realizes her reflection has a life of its own.
  20. 20. The Perfect Couple: A woman wakes up one day to find her husband is not the man she married.
  21. 21. Whispers in the Wind: A young woman inherits a house that belongs to the wind. She starts hearing voices and secrets carried by the breeze.
  22. 22. The Wrong Turn: On a road trip, a young man and his friends take a wrong turn and end up in a town stuck in time, where eerie events unfold.
  23. 23. The Art of Murder: An art gallery where each painting showcases a murder scene, and the artist is the killer.
  24. 24. Zombie Virus: A scientist accidentally unleashes a zombie apocalypse, turning everyone into flesh-eating monsters except her son.
  25. 25. The Harvest Moon: A small town has a secret ritual during every harvest moon involving human sacrifices.
  26. 26. Ghost Ship: A group of salvage hunters comes across an abandoned ship in the middle of the ocean, only to find that the crew may not be as absent as they appear.
  27. 27. Parallel Reality: A woman discovers a portal to a parallel universe where she’s a renowned horror writer.
  28. 28. The Unseen Friend: A little girl befriends an unseen entity in her new house, which is protective of her but violent towards others.
  29. 29. Curse of the Summer Camp: A summer camp becomes a nightmare when campers disappear.
  30. 30. Phantom Hitchhiker: A taxi driver constantly picks up a girl from the same spot at midnight, only to find out that she died at that very spot years ago.
  31. 31. The Cursed Bloodline: A young man realizes his lineage is cursed and is next in line for a horrific fate.
  32. 32. The Eerie Lullaby: An evil witch curses a village where children cannot stop singing an eerie lullaby, and each night, one of them disappears.
  33. 33. The Mannequin: A fashion designer’s new mannequin seems alive, growing more jealous and possessive each day.
  34. 34. Bloody Ballet: The prima ballerina at an esteemed ballet company is rumored to be a vampire using the company as her hunting ground.
  35. 35. Sinister Reflections: A woman finds a mirror that shows the most horrible things a person can become.
  36. 36. The Librarian’s Secret: A librarian has been hiding a secret — each book in her library tells the future, but every story ends in tragedy.
  37. 37. Sleep Paralysis: A man experiences terrifying sleep paralysis where he witnesses dreadful events that start coming true in real life.
  38. 38. The Ouija Board: A group of friends unwittingly summon a demonic entity while playing with an Ouija board.
  39. 39. The Masked Ball: A masquerade ball takes a deadly turn when guests become the characters they’re dressed as.
  40. 40. The Cursed Town: An urban explorer stumbles upon a deserted town where all the birds have mysteriously vanished.
  41. 41. Diary of the Deceased: A teenage girl finds a diary that belongs to a deceased girl and uncovers a chilling secret.
  42. 42. The Twisted Twin: A boy discovers his ‘imaginary’ twin brother isn’t as imaginary as his parents made him believe.
  43. 43. The Haunted Locket: A young woman receives a haunted locket that once belonged to a notorious cult leader.
  44. 44. The Haunted Game: A group of teenagers finds a board game that becomes a gateway to a demonic realm.
  45. 45. Possession of the Wrong Person: A priest is called to perform an exorcism, but a demon possesses him.
  46. 46. The Collector of Souls: A man can steal people’s souls through their photographs.
  47. 47. Ghost Writer: A struggling writer begins receiving story ideas from a mysterious entity, and each tale brings him closer to a terrifying truth.
  48. 48. The Puppet Master: A puppeteer’s puppets come to life, carrying out his darkest desires.
  49. 49. The Hungry Shadows: A boy can see and talk to shadows, but they’re becoming more demanding, and their requests are getting bloodier.
  50. 50. The Terrifying Tattoo: A woman’s new tattoo begins changing, depicting her future crimes.
  51. 51. In the Eye of the Beholder: An artist can make his paintings come to life, but they embody his fears and insecurities.
  52. 52. The Sound of Silence: Silence isn’t just golden in a small town. It’s deadly. Anyone who makes a noise after sundown doesn’t live to see another day.
  53. 53. The Door in the Basement: A family moves into a new house and discovers a basement door leading to another dimension.
  54. 54. Unholy Matrimony: A woman wakes up to find herself married to Satan.
  55. 55. The Sinister Symphony: A symphony where each note played results in a real-world tragedy.
  56. 56. The Forbidden Book: A book that should never be read aloud is discovered. When it is, it brings forth monstrous creatures.
  57. 57. The Antique Shop: An antique shop sells cursed items, and the owner must attempt to break each curse before the article claims another victim.
  58. 58. The Clown’s Revenge: A clown avenges a town that treated him poorly.
  59. 59. The Diner at the End of the Universe: A diner only appears to those about to die.
  60. 60. The Soul Eater: A man is haunted by a ghost that feeds off his life force.
  61. 61. The Last Day: People in a small town know their last day alive but cannot do anything to prevent it.
  62. 62. Demonic Tattoo: A man gets a tattoo that turns out to be a symbol that summons a demon.
  63. 63. The Night Walkers: After dark, the townsfolk turn into their worst fears.
  64. 64. The Maze of Madness: A maze appears in town one day, and those who enter never come out the same.
  65. 65. Cursed Lovers: Two lovers are cursed to live the same life repeatedly, with one always killing the other.
  66. 66. The Boy in the Photograph: A boy appears in every photo taken in a small town, even though no one knows who he is.
  67. 67. The Human Zoo: Aliens kidnap humans and put them in a zoo on another planet.
  68. 68. The Last Halloween: Ghosts and goblins become real every Halloween night.
  69. 69. The Church of Bones: A church built from human bones, where the congregation is the ghosts of those whose bones were used.
  70. 70. The Bell Tower: A bell tower that rings every time someone in the town is about to die.
  71. 71. The Ghost Train: A train appears at a local station at midnight, carrying the spirits of those who died on its line.
  72. 72. The Accursed Farm: A farm is cursed to produce crops that drive people insane.
  73. 73. The Devil’s Chess Game: A man plays a game of chess with the devil for his soul.
  74. 74. The Body Snatchers: Aliens are replacing townsfolk with clones with no emotions.
  75. 75. The Shadows Among Us: People’s shadows come to life and take over their bodies.
  76. 76. The Wrong Reflection: Mirrors reflect a world where the evil within people is revealed.
  77. 77. The Toy Shop: A toy shop where the toys come to life and terrorize the town.
  78. 78. The Mermaid’s Curse: A mermaid curses a seaside town, slowly causing all the women to become sea creatures.
  79. 79. The Song of Death: A song heard over the radio that causes anyone who hears it to commit murder.
  80. 80. The Haunted Theatre: A theatre is haunted by the ghosts of actors who died onstage.
  81. 81. The Soul Garden: A botanist discovers that his plants grow better when he feeds human souls.
  82. 82. The Creepy Carnival: A carnival comes to town, and the rides seem to bring people’s nightmares to life.
  83. 83. The Ice-Cold Heart: A woman wakes up with a frozen heart that will kill her unless she passes it on to someone else.
  84. 84. The Stolen Shadow: A man’s shadow is stolen, and he must navigate a world where he no longer exists.
  85. 85. The Ghost Writer: A bestselling author is a ghost who possesses people to write her stories.
  86. 86. The Monster Under the Bed: The monster is real and hungry.
  87. 87. The Cursed Town: A town cursed by witches starts experiencing strange occurrences every full moon.
  88. 88. A Taste for Flesh: A celebrity chef is renowned for his meat dishes, but his secret ingredient is human flesh.
  89. 89. Phantom Internet: An internet forum where users can interact with the deceased.
  90. 90. The Last Man on Earth: The last man on Earth hears a knock on his door.
  91. 91. The Timepiece: A woman finds a watch that can pause time but discovers that unspeakable horrors roam freely when time stops.
  92. 92. Deadly Dreams: A town where dreams can kill. If you die in your plan, you die in real life.
  93. 93. The House of Mirrors: A man trapped in a house of mirrors can’t distinguish between his reflection and a stalking evil entity.
  94. 94. The Bridge to Nowhere: A bridge that leads people to an alternate, sinister version of their world appears in town.
  95. 95. The Pumpkin Patch: A pumpkin patch that grows pumpkins with human faces.
  96. 96. The Drowned Town: An underwater ghost town where the drowned inhabitants are not at peace.
  97. 97. The Killer Reflection: A woman’s reflection starts committing crimes for which she is blamed.
  98. 98. The Ventriloquist: A ventriloquist’s dummy takes on a life of its own.
  99. 99. Nightmare Therapy: A psychiatrist helps patients by entering their nightmares, but one patient’s nightmare threatens to trap him there forever.
  100. 100. The Monster of the Lake: A small lakeside town is haunted by a monster that demands an annual sacrifice.
  101. 101. The Second Skin: A man wakes up with a second skin, which starts to control his actions.
  102. 102. The Birthday Curse: Each year, on her birthday, a woman relives the day of a murder she witnessed as a child.
  103. 103. The Hunger: A man wakes up with an insatiable hunger that can only be satisfied by eating ghosts.
  104. 104. The Reality Show: A reality show where the eliminated contestants are killed off for real.
  105. 105. The Last Light: After the sun mysteriously disappears, a family must survive in a world of permanent darkness.
  106. 106. The Dead Caller: A woman keeps receiving phone calls from her dead husband, asking her to join him.
  107. 107. The Memory Eater: A creature that feeds on people’s memories, leaving them empty shells.
  108. 108. The Haunting Melody: A melody that, once heard, never leaves the listener’s mind, driving them to madness.
  109. 109. The Deadly Wish: A genie grants a man three wishes, but each desire brings unexpected horror.
  110. 110. The Blood Moon Ritual: Every blood moon, a woman must perform a ritual to keep an ancient evil at bay.
  111. 111. The Nameless Town: A man finds himself in a town where no one has a name, and once you stay the night, you can never leave.
  112. 112. The Cursed Portrait: A family portrait that ages instead of family members. When the people in the picture die, so do their real-life counterparts.
  113. 113. The Game of Death: A group of friends discovers an old board game that turns real as they play, with deadly consequences.
  114. 114. The Forever Night: One day, the sun doesn’t rise, and creatures of the dark freely roam the earth.
  115. 115. The Pharaoh’s Curse: An archaeologist uncovers a tomb carrying a curse that awakens an ancient Egyptian god.
  116. 116. The Skinwalker: A young woman realizes she can shape-shift into any creature she wants, but the transformation comes with a horrific price.
  117. 117. The Living Dolls: A dollmaker creates dolls that come to life but reflect their owners’ worst traits.
  118. 118. The Necromancer’s Apprentice: A boy becomes an apprentice to a necromancer and must navigate the world of the living and the dead.
  119. 119. The Haunted Cellphone: A cell phone receives calls and messages from the afterlife.
  120. 120. The Town That Doesn’t Exist: A group of friends stumbles upon a town that isn’t on any map, and the inhabitants don’t kindly take visitors.
  121. 121. The Trapped Soul: A man sells his soul to a demon and spends his life trying to get it back.
  122. 122. The Devil’s Tree: A tree in a small town is said to be planted by the devil himself, and anyone who touches it disappears without a trace.
  123. 123. The Graveyard Shift: A night watchman at a morgue starts seeing the ghosts of the bodies brought in.
  124. 124. The Clock Struck Thirteen: A town where time works differently, the clock strikes thirteen, and the world becomes terrifying.
  125. 125. The Cursed Manuscript: A writer finds a manuscript that brings his story to life, but his story is a horror novel.
  126. 126. The Living Nightmares: A scientist creates a device that can visualize dreams, but it inadvertently brings nightmares to life.
  127. 127. The Beast Inside: A man discovers he transforms into a terrifying creature under stress.
  128. 128. The Haunted Apartment: Every occupant of a particular apartment goes mad, and a new tenant is about to find out why.
  129. 129. The Ghostly Love: A man falls in love with a ghost, but their love story is anything but typical.
  130. 130. The Bloodstained Ballet: A cursed ballet performance where the performers die in real life as their characters do on stage.
  131. 131. The Mannequin: A store mannequin comes to life at night and commits gruesome crimes.
  132. 132. The Haunting Hour: Every day at 3 AM, a woman relives her death from a previous life.
  133. 133. The Werewolf Curse: A man is bitten by a werewolf and has to deal with his new, terrifying reality.
  134. 134. The Parasitic Entity: An alien entity invades a man’s body and uses it as a host to understand humanity.
  135. 135. The Evil Librarian: A librarian can trap people in the books they’re reading.
  136. 136. The Sinister Serum: A scientist creates a serum that can bring back the dead, but the resurrected are different.
  137. 137. The Abandoned Carnival: An abandoned carnival ground where the ghostly laughter echoes turn into screams at night.
  138. 138. The Echo: Everything a woman says comes true, but not how she wants.
  139. 139. The Haunting Tune: A song heard only at midnight that drives its listeners to madness.
  140. 140. The Wrong Reality: A man wakes up in a parallel universe where he only realizes something is wrong.

Creepy Two-Sentence Stories

  1. I was finishing a horror story, so I wrote ‘The End.’ Then, my keyboard typed ‘is coming’ completely by itself.”
  2. “‘Mommy my friend is coming over,” my daughter happily cheered about her imaginary friend. And then the motion detecting light went on.”
  3. “‘Are you afraid of the dark?’ That was the last thing I heard before the lightbulb shattered behind me.”
  4. “My closet door slid open with a creak, making me jump. I pretended his distraction had worked and that I didn’t see him crouched in the corner of my room.”
  5. “As I watched the sun set over the forest my blood ran cold. I knew I had to find shelter quickly or I wouldn’t last the night.”
  6. “My daughter’s smiling face greeted me from my driveway as I returned home from a hard day. Where is the rest of her?”
  7. “I can’t move, breathe, speak, or hear and it’s so dark all the time. If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated instead.”
  8. “She asked why I was breathing so heavily. I wasn’t.”
  9. “Growing up with cats and dogs, I got used to the sounds of scratching at my door while I slept. Now that I live alone, it is much more unsettling.”
  10. “Don’t look behind you. It doesn’t like to be seen.”
  11. “There’s a girl standing outside my window. The only problem is I live on the seventh floor.”
  12. “I said I would babysit my niece. That was before I met Stacy, her imaginary friend.”
  13. “No matter how much we fight, my wife will always prepare my coffee in the morning. Though this time, it did taste a little like almonds.”
  14. “When I smiled, she did not smile back. Something is very wrong with this mirror.”
  15. “As a biologist, I love all of my animals. But I sometimes wonder to myself if any of them still remember that they used to be human.”
  16. “Us being twins, my brother and I often share experiences and sensations. I only wish he had warned me before getting open heart surgery.”
  17. “Yesterday I wrote the number 69 on my wrist as a joke. Today it’s 68, and now it’s not washing off.”
  18. “I saw a severed arm in the dumpster. It gave me a thumbs up when I walked by.”
  19. “No matter how hard I struggled, I couldn’t get free of the chains I was bound in. I only hoped they’d hold once the full moon came out.”
  20. “After years of research and hard work, we’d finally done it. We’d made it contagious.”
  21. “That jerk just gave me the middle finger! I swear your honor, I don’t know where the rest of the body is.”
  22. “The world was thrilled with the announcement that the first mission to Mars would be an all-female crew. One year later, the world was terrified when they all returned pregnant.”
  23. “My four-year-old said he wished that people didn’t have to knock. I told him about doorbells, and he asked me to install one on his window.”
  24. “Did you know that there’s no such thing as a ‘left-handed’ person? There are your kind, and then there are those of us who escaped from the other side of your mirror.”
  25. “I open the door to a policeman who tells me my husband died in a car crash on the way home. As I turn my head to see him eating the dinner I just served, he starts grinning at me.”
  26. “I was on my way to school one morning, when something in the woods caught my eye. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get it back.”
  27. “My brother and I used to knock on the walls at night because our rooms were next to each other. After I came back from the funeral, I still heard the knocking.”
  28. “‘It’s just a harmless mask on the wall,’ my mother tells me. That’s easy for her to say, since it doesn’t appear in her room every night.”
  29. “The spiders worked quickly to wrap their prey tightly in silk. The man’s muffled screams grew fainter with each new layer.”
  30. “I relive burying my friends from the war in my dreams and I’m afraid to sleep. Not because of the night terrors but because I wake up with scratches on my arms and dirt all over the floor.”
  31. “I came home after my weeklong trip away and took a shower. I pressed the only towel in the room against my face and discovered it was already wet.”
  32. “I twisted and rolled over in bed, then froze as I saw something distinctly not human smile at me through my window. My heart almost stopped when I noticed it was a reflection.”
  33. “I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, ‘Daddy, check for monsters under my bed.’ I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, ‘Daddy, there’s somebody on my bed.'”
  34. “Alone in my room, I sneezed softly. ‘Bless you,’ someone said.”
  35. “We smiled proudly as our daughter went on her bus for her first day of school. Our hearts dropped when the real bus arrived two minutes later.”
  36. “I love diving into the deepest parts of the ocean where you can’t even see the bottom! This time, I can’t see the surface, either.”
  37. “It’s been 315 days since the global outbreak, 187 days since I realized I might be the only survivor, and 3 days since the two of us found each other in the wreckage of the world and regained hope. I’d been alone so long I almost forgot that hallucinating imaginary companions is the first sign of infection.”
  38. “The world ending in 2012 wasn’t a prophecy, it was a suggestion. We should have listened, but now He’s here.”
  39. “It seemed like my essential oils and vitamins were starting to clear up my symptoms. There was no real need to tell the rest of the group that I’d been bitten.”
  40. “‘You look like death,’ he said, brows furrowed with concern. A wide, wan smile crossed my face, flattered to be recognized, as I hooked him with my scythe and pulled him downward into the abyss.”
  41. “A pandemic has wiped out over 99 percent of humanity, but don’t worry. It only spreads to those who know about it.”
  42. “As I watched the sun set from my villa in Paris, I received terrifying news from across the globe. The sun had set in New Zealand, too.”
  43. “I love these clap-on lights! Just one problem with them: When I clap to turn them on, something under my bed claps to turn them off.”
  44. “I heard screams echo all around me. I’m deaf.”
  45. “After I asked the crystal ball to tell me how to escape death, I was very confused as it read, ‘No thanks honey, I’m full.’ However, something clicked in my head when my wife offered me cake after dinner.”
  46. “Yesterday, I figured out how my curse worked. Apparently, only people in danger can see what I write.”
  47. “I think I might be the most successful serial killer in history. The best part is telling their loved ones we did everything we could.”
  48. “Punctuality has never been my strong suit. As I sit here and watch the last ship leave for new Earth, I wish it was.”
  49. “Spend 24 hours locked in the old insane asylum and win a million dollars. It’s been 26 hours, so why is the door still locked?”
  50. “My brother and I sit down with the Ouija board, and we both place our hands on the planchette. He says, ‘Cole, are you here with me?’ and I move the planchette to ‘yes.'”

79 Micro-Horror Stories

1. I planned a prank on my wife, where I’d have her find me covered in blood. I laid still as she entered, and upon seeing me, she began frantically dialing on her phone saying: “It’s terrible timing, and didn’t I pay for clean up?”

2. “My daughter Sadie was a kind, loving girl and we just want her returned safely, please…” I plead. I stop, then correct myself in front of the mirror: “Sadie is…”

3. I was born with the ability to psychically experience the happiest memories of any human by merely touching their skin. I didn’t realize this worked with the deceased until the day I felt a rush of joy along with vivid flashes of somebody’s past — just as I bit into a burger from that diner on Route 40.

4. My mommy always told me not to open the door for strangers. Especially the ones wearing blue shirts with the word “Police” on them, or they might take you from me.

5. “Who are all those kids with the weird costumes?” asked my daughter, as I took her trick or treating. I told her she had an active imagination, before whispering not to let the dead know she could see them.

6. If someone starts cussing on the phone, I immediately hang up on them. In just three short years, I’ll be a retired 911 dispatcher.

7. I told my therapist I watched a girl drown when I was 15, that I could’ve saved her, but I was too scared. “I know,” she said, as she got up to lock the door, “that was my daughter.”

8. I was born blind but was lucky enough to have a loving mother who took care of my every need. Imagine the betrayal I felt when a stitch slipped and a ray of light hit my eye for the first time.

9. Out of sheer boredom, I turned on the radio in my kidnapper’s basement — only to hear that he had been arrested the day before. I thought they were still searching for me, but then I heard my own voice saying how glad I was to finally be found.

10. An hour into her cave exploration, Sarah’s flashlight broke, and she was forced to blindly follow the faint breeze coming from the cave’s entrance. Remembering the Zippo in her pocket, she flicked it on, revealing the lanky, eyeless man who had been blowing on her face, leading her deeper underground.
Wirestock / Getty Images/iStockphoto


11. I knew it must’ve been a mistake when the police said I was involved in aiding a kidnapping, but when they told me they had video proof I became intrigued. I felt myself go from hero to villain as they played the grocery store footage from hours prior, showing me returning a lost girl to who I thought was her dad.

12. When mother died, we were faced with the monumental task of cleaning out the house she’d been hoarding in for four decades. The roaches and rats and dead pets and piles of animal excrement were bad enough, but when we found out that dad hadn’t run out on us all those years ago, we decided to just burn the place down.

13. I was driving down the foggy highway when I blinked, and all the red taillights of the cars ahead of me suddenly vanished in the mist. I’ve been driving for two hours since then, I haven’t seen a single car or exit ramp, and the fog keeps getting thicker.
Iiievgeniy / Getty Images/iStockphoto

14. All my life, my parents have told me not to open the basement door, but I got curious and disobeyed them. What is that glowing ball in the sky, and why does it hurt my eyes?

15. My twin and I have always been really close, and people say we’re “joined at the hip.” As the cancer spreads, I really wish we didn’t share the same vital organs.

16. I used to hate the sound of crickets outside the lonely farmhouse. Now every time they go silent, I know that thing is passing by, and I pray for them to chirp again.
Getty Images

17. I decided to kill off a few characters in the book I’m writing. It should definitely spice up this autobiography a little.

18. The last thing I saw was my alarm clock flashing 12:07 before she pushed her long, rotting nails through my chest, her other hand muffling my screams. I sat bolt upright, relieved it was only a dream, but — as I saw my alarm clock read 12:06 — I heard my closet door creak open.

Pyrosky / Getty Images

19. I love to turn up my favorite songs and sing along. It drowns out the screaming from the root cellar.

20. My family can all remember their past lives, so one day I told my son I was a girl who was murdered. He grinned and responded, “What are the odds we’d meet again?”

21. On the monitor, I can see my husband’s cheeky face slowly creeping up to the security cam in an attempt to scare me. I’d laugh, but then I see his torso, arms and legs all separated on the ground in the background.

22. I finished my final perfect pirouette to thunderous applause. If only I could speak, and tell the little girl who owned my music box of the living hell I was trapped in.

Jessica Holden Photography / Getty Images

23. Being buried alive was bad enough. Realizing I wasn’t alone in my own grave was worse.

24. “Remember don’t peek, it’s a surprise,” said my parents coldly. I heard them chuckle as they threw me down the basement steps as food for the Thing.

25. My blind date texted that he’d finally arrived, and was sorry for being 15 minutes late to pick me up. The issue was, we’d already been driving for 10 minutes.

26. People always ask how many kids come to my house for trick-or-treating. None of them ever ask how many leave.

Alberto Jose Moreno Jurado / Getty Images

27. “I thought I had witnessed a miracle when I saw a mother lifting her car off of her newborn baby today. It wasn’t until she dropped it down again, yelling her baby was the devil, that I realized, maybe not.”

28. “Another young couple came in through the door, and I hurried to get a table ready, sighing, ‘Weekends are always so busy!’ Car accidents, murders, drug overdoses; it’s always the worst shift in the morgue.”

29. “I kept hearing a strange giggle coming from my TV, regardless of what channel or volume it was on. I never thought to check behind the TV.”

Donald Iain Smith / Getty Images

30. “I can’t move, breathe, speak, or hear and it’s so dark all the time. If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated instead.”

31. “The pictures I take of others tell a thousand words. Every one of them is ‘help.'”

Getty Images

32. “I’m not scared that I’ve been seeing ‘missing’ posters for myself. It’s the fact that the news is now saying that my body has been found.”

33. “I’m tucking my son into bed when he tells me, ‘Daddy, check for monsters under my bed!’ I look underneath for his amusement, and I see him — another him, under the bed — staring back at me, quivering and whispering, ‘Daddy, there’s somebody on my bed.'”

Comstock / Getty Images

34. “I recently taught myself Morse code, but I wish I hadn’t. Now the birds peck at my window, warning me that ‘It’s coming.'”

35. “‘Our son always screams when we cut his hair,’ we told the psychiatrist, hoping for guidance. Several tests and doctors later, guilt brought me to my knees when the genetic specialist described what was believed to be unique condition — there were live nerve endings in the boy’s hair.”

36. “You know, they say once you become a murderer, you can tell who else has murdered. ‘He’s innocent,’ I announce with the bang of my gavel, dismissing the court.”

Boonchai Wedmakawand / Getty Images

37. “I woke up, got myself a drink of water, and returned to get back into bed. There I was, still laying there, my face blue and my hollow eyes staring off into the distance.”

38. “Out of breath, I sat in the front hall knowing I was safe, as the Fae could not enter my home without an invitation. Imagine my surprise when the creature burst through the door, a sneer on its face and my ‘WELCOME’ mat in its hands.”

Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images

39. “Every pet I’ve owned since I was a kid is buried in my back yard. I’ve moved eight times and they’re always there.”

Getty Images

40. “I wake up in pain in a hospital bed; most of my body covered in burns from the fire. A man in a white gown walks in holding a steel wool brush, and I realize this is not a hospital room.”

Getty Images

41. “After the psychic told Mike that he would ‘die of a heart attack,’ he picked up biking and would do five mile rides into town every weekend. But — when a car suddenly swerved, coming right at him with an old man slumped over the steering wheel — he realized with final clarity that it wasn’t his heart attack she’d meant.”

42. “My mother screamed as I peeled the skin from my face.I knew she would get mad, but I was tired of pretending I was my brother and the staples holding his face to mine were really hurting.”

43. “As I felt the knife run down my skin, I felt oddly happy. Well, it wasn’t my skin yet.”

44. “My son told me that his mirror image was threatening to replace him in the real world. I thought he was imagining things, until I saw my right handed son write using his left hand.”

Creepy face in the mirror
Getty Images

45. “My daughter won’t stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn’t help.”

46. “A guy just ran up to me while screaming that somebody had locked him in a basement, blindfolded him, and starved him for days. You should’ve seen the look of absolute horror on his face when he recognized my voice.”

Young man possessed by devil
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Watching horror movie on tv
Getty Images

48. “I rage quit after being crushed by the final boss for the ninth time in a row. Just before the monitor went dark, I saw my avatar, pounding on the other side of the screen, screaming ‘Don’t leave me!'”

49. “My grandmother told me that it was a gift to see the angel of death in front of people’s houses, to know that he’d be collecting someone there soon. I thought it was a gift too, up until the day I began to see it in front of every house.”

50. “My sister says that mommy killed her. Mommy says that I don’t have a sister.”

51. “Yesterday my parents told me I was too old for an imaginary friend and that I had to let her go. They found her body this morning.”


crime scene shootout
Getty Images

52. “Don’t be scared of the monsters, just look for them. Look to your left, to your right, under your bed, behind your dresser, in your closet but never look up, she hates being seen.”

53. “I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it’s so dark all the time. If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated instead.”

54. “I’ve worn a face mask in public my entire life. I just love the feeling of skin on skin.”

55. “For years we heard the little voices and footsteps of the ghost children in our old farmhouse, and we got used to them. Then one day they went quiet, which should have been our own cue to leave.”

Children dressed up as ghost draped with white sheet in a forest
Jordi Salas / Getty Images

56. “I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I though it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again.”

57. “When I finally grabbed her in the darkness, I swam back to the surface. It never occurred to me how fast the ice could freeze over.”

58. “’Congratulations, you are our 5th caller and the winner!’ the perky voice declares as I hyperventilate into the phone. ‘Having won the elusive prize of receiving police, fire or ambulance assistance from 911, what is your emergency?’”

59. “The operation wasn’t successful in the traditional sense since my sight didn’t return, but it left me with the ability to distinguish heat signatures, at least. Three weeks have passed and I’m still not sure how to politely ask my best friend why he’s room temperature.”

Getty Images

60. “After so many years living alone in this large house I came to a startling revelation. In this time I had closed far more doors than I had opened.”

61. “There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. I live alone.”

62. “You know that weird, full-body twitch you get sometimes when you’re falling asleep? If there was a camera pointed at you, and you saw what it captured at that moment, you’d never sleep again.”

63. “They delivered the mannequins in bubble wrap. From the main room I begin to hear popping.”

Photo of mannequins taken in Tanjungkerta, Indonesia
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64. “She wondered why she was casting two shadows. After all, there was only a single lightbulb.”

65. “‘Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary,’ I whispered into the mirror darkened by the lightless room. I knew it was just a legend, but, after 10 years of being locked down here alone, I was desperate to see another face.”

66. “Working the night shift alone tonight. There is a face in the cellar staring at the security camera.”

A security workplace with a modern high-tech control panel in the form of large monitors that display real-time information from external video surveillance cameras for 24 hours.
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67. “I wake up and everything feels wrong; it’s too quiet outside. I look out the window and see everyone standing still, looking at my house.”

68. “The grinning face stared at me from the darkness beyond my bedroom window. I live on the 14th floor.”

69. “I’ve only just started reading lips, so my dad knelt down in front of me to make sure I understood him clearly.Very slowly, he mouthed the words, ‘If you keep up this behavior, I’ll take away your eyes next.'”

Getty Images

70. “They say practicing smiling in front of a mirror makes you feel happier. I wish my reflection would join along.”

71. “For my last wish, I wished my dad to be alive again. I stood atop his grave and smiled, imagining him screaming and clawing at his coffin lid as he did the two previous times I wished him back.”

72. “Being buried alive was bad enough. Realizing I wasn’t alone in my own grave was worse.”

73. “I received a text from my husband last night that read ‘I hope you burn in hell for what you’ve done, you bitch!!!’ I couldn’t comprehend how he managed to send a text without his fingers.”

74. “Back against the door, desperately trying to keep the voracious dead out, I looked in the mirror. My reflection raised his hand in goodbye and smiled sadly, never to be needed again.”

75. “‘Now be careful, that line of rock salt is the only thing keeping them out,’ the man said, welcoming my group into his refuge. ‘Sea salt,’ I clarified, ‘sea salt keeps us out.'”

76. “I was having a pleasant dream when what sounded like hammering woke me. After that, I could barely hear the muffled sound of dirt covering the coffin over my own screams.”

A slightly open empty wooden coffin with a metal crucifix and handles on a dark ominous background – 3D Render
Getty Images

77. “My daughter won’t stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn’t help.”

78. “‘Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!’ I said. Smiling, I slowly ripped out his dental implant.”

79. “I always liked this picture of my great-grandmother. Why does she seem closer to the camera than before?”



190 Two-Sentence Horror Stories

These are short scary stories. These two-sentence horror stories are going to freak you the eff out.
I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, “Daddy check for monsters under my bed.” I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, “Daddy there’s somebody on my bed.” — justAnotherMuffledVo
The doctors told the amputee he might experience a phantom limb from time to time. Nobody prepared him for the moments though, when he felt cold fingers brush across his phantom hand. — Gagege
I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it’s so dark all the time. If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated instead. — Graboid27
Don’t be scared of the monsters, just look for them. Look to your left, to your right, under your bed, behind your dresser, in your closet but never look up, she hates being seen. — AnarchistWaffles
I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I though it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again. — therealhatman
They celebrated the first successful cryogenic freezing. He had no way of letting them know he was still conscious. — KnowsGooderThanYou
She wondered why she was casting two shadows. Afterall, there was only a single lightbulb. — pgan91
It sat on my shelf, with thoughtless porcelain eyes and the prettiest pink doll dress I could find. Why did she have to be born still? — Horseseverywhere
The grinning face stared at me from the darkness beyond my bedroom window. I live on the 14th floor. — bentreflection
There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. I live alone. — guztaluz

Imgur / TheDon0926
Working the night shift alone tonight. There is a face in the cellar staring at the security camera. — hctet
They delivered the mannequins in bubble wrap. From the main room I begin to hear popping. — Mikeyseventyfive
You wake up. She doesn’t. — tuskedlemon
She asked why I was breathing so heavily. I wasn’t. — Calamitosity
You get home, tired after a long day’s work and ready for a relaxing night alone. You reach for the light switch, but another hand is already there. — madamimadamimadam
My daughter won’t stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn’t help. — skuppy
Day 312. Internet still not working. — fluffyponyza
You start to drift off into a comfortable sleep when you hear your name being whispered. You live alone. — anonymous_abc

Imgur / TheDon0926
I needed to quickly run a SQL command to update a single row in an Oracle DB table at work. To my horror, it came back with “–2,378,231 rows affected.” — waysafe
You’re laying in bed and with your feet dangling out of the covers. You feel a hand grab your feet. — HesusMendez
The funeral attendees never came out of the catacombs. Something locked the crypt door from the inside. — TLFMOD
My wife woke me up last night to tell me there was an intruder in our house. She was murdered by an intruder 2 years ago. — The_D_String
The officer finally got back to me. The call was coming from inside the house.
I was having a pleasant dream when what sounded like hammering woke me. After that, I could barely hear the muffled sound of dirt covering the coffin over my own screams. — vigridarena
The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock at the door. — Scry67
After working a hard day I came home to see my girlfriend cradling our child. I didn’t know which was more frightening, seeing my dead girlfriend and stillborn child, or knowing that someone broke into my apartment to place them there. — cobaltcollapse
You hear your mom calling you into the kitchen. As you are heading down the stairs you hear a whisper from the closet saying “Don’t go down there honey, I heard it too.” — comparativelysane

Imgur / TheDon0926
I never go to sleep. But I keep waking up. — genetically_witless
Nurse’s Note: Born 7 pounds 10 ounces, 18 inches long, 32 fully formed teeth. Silent, always smiling. — ichokedcheryltunt
She went upstairs to check on her sleeping toddler. The window was open and the bed was empty. — Aerron
The longer I wore it the more it grew on me. She had such pretty skin. — blaqkmagick

Imgur / TheDon0926
You hear the scream across the hallway, but your eyes won’t open and you can’t move. — dkmino
Being the first to respond to a fatal car accident is always the most traumatic thing I see as a police officer. But today, when the crushed body of the little dead child boy strapped in his car seat opened his eyes and giggled at me when I tried to peel him out of the wreckage, I immediately knew that today would be my last day on the force. — scabbycakes
I looked out my window. The stars had gone away. — Owllette
I always thought my cat had a staring problem, she always seemed fixated on my face. Until one day, when I realized that she was always looking just behind me. — hangukbrian

Imgur / TheDon0926
“I can’t sleep” she whispered, crawling into bed with me. I woke up cold, clutching the dress she was buried in. — VaultKid321
I just saw my reflection blink. — marino1310
I kiss my wife and daughter goodnight before I go to sleep. When I wake up, I’m in a padded room and the nurses tell me it was just a dream. — StoryTellerBob
The pairs of emaciated eyes outnumber the single round in my gun. With pleading tears falling on her doll’s hair, I point the barrel at my last surviving daughter. — yoshkow
I peeked outside. The pizza delivery guy is at the door, but I didn’t order a pizza — and definitely not from someone wearing a pig mask.
My mother has been screaming at the front door for hours now. She’s not happy that I killed her with my bare hands.
I have a friend named Charlie. I’m playing at his house but it’s cold down here in the basement, I wonder when Charlie will let me go home.
If you get scared at night, don’t keep your eyes closed for too long. There’s a reason you’re scared, and now you can’t see it approach.
I used a Ouija board yesterday, but I only asked one question and put it away. I got my answer today — written in blood on my ceiling.

Imgur / TheDon0926
The wailing from the baby monitor just won’t stop. Problem is, my daughter is with her mother this weekend… over 200 miles away.
Grandpa died smoking a cigar in his favorite chair. We got a new one but from the ash marks he leaves behind he has a new favorite chair.
My husband woke me up by kissing my cheek when he got home late. This morning I checked my phone — he stayed with a friend last night.
I like to sing in the shower sometimes. When I got out of the last one, the fogged-up mirror read “YOU HAVE A LOVELY VOICE” — I live alone.
My wife just ran in to ask me if I was okay because she could hear my terrible coughing fit from across the house. I wasn’t coughing.
The upstairs neighbors are awfully noisy. I told my landlord… it’s been vacant for months.
For sale: like-new engagement ring, barely worn, came right off her finger. Finger also for sale for the right offer.
I had a dream that a man was watching me sleep from outside my bedroom window. When I woke up, I found footprints… inside, next to my bed.
My TV keeps turning on by itself. It’s annoying, but what’s more worrisome is how it only shows footage of me standing in my living room.

Imgur / TheDon0926
My girlfriend is scared of horror movies. They make her paranoid, which can be tricky when I’m watching her through her living room window.
I found a new bottle of my best friend’s favorite scotch on the kitchen counter today. He died in a drunk driving accident six years ago.
It’s nice that my grandmother calls to check on me, but if she wants to communicate from the other side I wish she wouldn’t scream so much.
My boyfriend has a collection he’s very proud of. He never told me that he’s been collecting souvenirs from the girlfriends he murdered.
I have a recurring dream I’m murdered by a man I’d never met. I thought it was stupid until I went on a blind date and saw him at the table.
My mom told me she had the best time playing with my little sister today. My sister went missing in 2002 — they found her body in 2006.
The knife, it slices — just like butter
I tried to be a loving mother. — littlemisssassy
I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it’s so dark all day round.
I should have been cremated, and not buried in the ground. — [deleted]
I just saw the children playing, admiring how high they have swung.
But others tell me they’re just swaying in the wind where they were hung. — Alt_punch

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I was always told not to play with my food, as it is a blessing to eat.
However I’m one to tease my meals, and killing is always a treat. — [deleted]
Read this after the day is nigh.
And tonight you might possibly die. — Hawkfrostofriverclan
I was never more scared or more filled filled with dread,
Than the night the police found, her dismembered head. — Gil_ByrdIsTheWord
As I played in the basement, Mother called me upstairs.
From behind me, She whispered, ‘Don’t go up there.’ — CheckeredBag
I watched you play whilst at the park.
I’ll come to your house when the day goes dark. — Bucket_O_Beef
I had guests over today, they seemed to be really nice, so I introduced my hobby; it’s quite technical, you see, and I’m no good with words, so I had to show them.
I really think my skills are improving; I almost didn’t have to break any bones this time, and I do like way they hang there, all strung up, an occasional whimper dripping past their mutilated lips like so much blood. — TheOtherJuggernaut
I travel here and there so suddenly, and never make a sound.
Slaying quickly, quietly, swiftly; Just don’t turn around. — zenofire
And from the grave, where my father was put
And hand reached up and grabbed my foot. — [deleted]
I saw the children playing, watched how high they swung.
Their bodies swaying side to side, while silently they hung. –– GoldenWizard

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Roses are red, violets are blue.
There is someone right behind you. — Kaserbeam
You’re the prettiest person that I ever saw,
I’d so love to snack on your eyeballs, quite raw. — moratnz
Warm and juicy; best best served fresh. I love the taste of human flesh. — littlemisssassy
I held her in my arms, dying
What could lie in her crib, crying? — I_am_Rudy
A knock at the door and ‘Could you help us?’ I hear.
I glance outside once and nevermore for the kid’s eyes were black and their faces austere. — oohshineeobjects
Can you hear the beautiful ring of the bell?
That means it’s time to drag you down to hell. — Hellblood
I will wait patiently until I’m found.
And exact my revenge – flesh by the pound. — CheckeredBag
Roses are red, violets are blue.
You’d better run, I’m coming for you. — RedDeadRevengeance
You see, I stand on my box.
And I know how your window unlocks. — [deleted]

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Muscles now relaxed, and still in her bed; young Timmy and Zax leaving all left unsaid.
A smile Zax cracked, and ‘no’ Timmy plead: ‘no need to cut further, mom’s already dead.’ — CDC_
Wrapped in sheets and cuddled in bed.
You’ll foolishly expose your sweet, precious head… — CheckeredBag
You taught how me to be a man, but today I feel so all alone.
Happy Father’s Day dad, as I kiss your gravestone. — battering-ram
I once had a girlfriend named Jill, I buried her under that hill.
But sometimes at home, when I’m all alone, I find that she sleeps with me still. — CheckeredBag
I held my son’s hand tightly as the cars whizzed past the sidewalk. “With any luck, they won’t find the rest of him,” I muttered to myself.
I was starving and lost in the woods until I found a hiker. Im full now, I just wished she hadn’t screamed so loud.
‘Daddy I can’t sleep” she said, and crawled under the sheets with me. In the morning I woke up freezing cold and clutching the dress she was buried in.
I arrived at the funeral a few minutes late. Nobody acknowledged me, and I figured out why when I looked into the casket and saw myself.
I had three seconds of sight left. I was fascinated by how much my brains resembled oatmeal, spattered on the concrete.

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‘Please stop,” I whimpered as he fastened my other arm to the table, “if you let me go, I won’t tell anyone”. He looked up at me with a wicked smile “how do you think I got you? They gave you to me.’
There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. I live alone.
As I walked up the driveway with my new friend, I introduced him to my dad. “What friend?!” he asked with bewilderment in his eyes.
I sat up from this horrible nightmare that a gruesome faced man was trying to get in my home, all of a sudden I heard my daughter screaming. I ran down the hall and she was hiding her face in the pillow screaming and crying and said “a man was watching me outside.’
I’ll hide you in my walls, your body will never be found! I’ll wear your skin as a suit, your friends will like you more than they used to.
She woke up to an unusual silence in their bedroom. She looked over as the thing that laid where her husband use to be rose from under the sheets.
I have never seen anything like it, the way it screamed and crawled towards me. This… This thing is suppose to be my little brother.
I’m all alone during a storm when the power goes out. Lightning strikes and there is a man standing in my hallway with a knife.
I woke up to the sound of screams and the feel of immense heat surrounding me. Sobbing as the torture began again, I remembered hell wasn’t a made up place…
I kept calling my girlfriend the day they buried me. She wouldn’t answer.
My cat is asleep beside my computer in his favorite spot. I’ve buried him 10 times.
I’ve been scrubbing my hands non-stop for weeks. The blood just won’t come off.
I woke up to the smell of copper in the air. I had done it again.
I look at my clock its 3:15 as a rotting corpse pushes fingers into my stomach, I scream in relief its only a dream. Looking at my clock it is 3:14 and my closet door creeks open…
I see a face staring at me from my window. I live on the 3rd floor.
As she finally drifted off to sleep, she felt the cold, bony fingers caress her body. She prayed it was just a dream….
When she turned around, she saw her own self, dressed in different clothes. Her heart went into shock and the other self gently helped her to the floor as she died.
The cloven hoof prints were fresh. They were in sets of two, staggered like a man running.
I got a haunted doll in the mail today. If only I could find where she ran off too…
I hear my daughter cry, “Mommy I’m so cold, please let me in!” I shut the curtains, knowing she wont cry much longer in the snow.
I opened my front door to the frantic pounding of my next door neighbor. To my horror it was something that was wearing his skin…
The stew I was eating was delicious, and I wanted to give my husband a taste. That’s when I found his wedding ring in my bowl, still on his finger.
Every morning my husband tells me he loves me, I really wish he’d stop. I murdered him last year, but he still won’t leave me alone.
Outside my three year olds bedroom I hear her say, ” But Mommy, I don’t want to.” My voice replies, “All little girls stab their Daddies.’
Being the first to respond to a fatal car accident is always the most traumatic thing I see as a police officer. But today, when the crushed body of the little dead boy strapped in his car seat opened his eyes and giggled at me when I tried to peel him out of the wreckage, I immediately knew that today would be my last day on the force.
A smile of relief washed across his face even with his arm swallowed nearly to the elbow by the drain, and he said, ” I think I feel your ring!” I smiled too, and said,” Oh, that’s great, love…and I know about Vanessa,” as I flipped the disposal switch.
I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it’s so dark all the time. If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated instead.
The dog sits at my gate every morning and night when I leave and come home from work. Even after all this time she can still smell her owner’s blood on my hands.
I sat on my daughter’s bed and sang her favorite song before giving her a kiss on the cheek, just as I’ve done every night since she was a baby. When I was done and smiled down at her, she whispered “Mommy please stop, you’re dead.’
I’d been noticing it for months, that tiny lag in my reflection, not that anyone believed me. Today was different she didn’t even attempt to mimic me she stood there smiling, I think she wants to come out.
The girl pedaled quickly towards his car, droplets of water flying off her, leaving a trail on the sidewalk. He should have weighted down her body in the river, but as she came closer and the smell of rotten flesh overcame him, he realized it wouldn’t have mattered.
‘Oh don’t worry dear we’re glad to have you for diner.” They said smiling, as I lie bound and gagged on the floor while they took their last bite of lunch, my husband.
My kids were excited to tell me about the day they just had with their mother. My eyes watered as I pondered how to tell them she died this morning on the way to work.
After dating all through high school and college, our daughter’s boyfriend finally came by today to ask my husband and me for her hand.
We gave it to him, hoping that he’ll finally tell us where the rest of her is.
When I wake in the middle of the night to the sound of cracking, I am aware that it is her rigor mortis body snapping unto itself as she crawls down the hallway . I knew it was only a matter of time before she would seek her revenge.
My grandmother told me it was a gift to see the angel of death in front of people’s houses, to know he would be collecting someone there soon. I thought it was a gift too, until the day I began to see it in front of every house.
She felt the warmth of the sun as she smiled at him and promised, “I will follow you until the end of time.” When she opened her eyes, the pyre beneath her had begun to burn.
Audra looked across the table to smile warmly at the loving faces of her husband and children. “I do so enjoy our time together” she whispered as she gently placed each of their severed heads back into the refrigerator.
Through moon and fog, I run, branches whipping bare legs bloody, and race the hot breath, that burp of hell, against my nape. Closer, closer, until saliva spatters my skin, and the thing with teeth wraps me in its mouth.
The smell of my own charring flesh fills my nose as the muffler coughs out the it’s last dying gasps. My only hope is someone seeing my hand, that I’m hoping is still stuck in the guardrail above.
My daughter walked up to me asking, “Mommy, who is that man behind you?” I turned with an uneasy feeling, to find no-one standing there, looked back to tell her there was nothing there and there was nothing left but the teddy bear she was just holding covered in blood.
I used to love hearing those sounds; the bathroom door opening, my girlfriend playfully drumming her fingernails on the sink, and the flat screech of the shower curtain pulling back before she stepped in to join me. But hearing those drumming nails now, as I’m showering before bed on the night of her funeral, stirs up altogether new feelings.
The mirror had been left to me by my late aunts estate, stored in the attic and covered in paper. I stared at my reflection, feeling that something was…off…but not knowing what – when my reflection winked at me.
I breathe in the gas and count back from ten to get my tonsils removed. “Looks like little Timmy is finally going to get a new heart, and I get a new car.”, I hear the doctor say as I fall into the void.
I had often had a slightly irrational fear of being stalked or having someone show up in the backseat of my car after leaving a bad relationship , so I got a smaller car for sense of security. The day I stopped carrying pepper spray with my newfound courage, a soft breath tickled the hairs on my neck with a soft “found you.’
Last night, I had a nightmare that I’d lost both my legs in a gruesome car accident. Then I realized it was only a memory.
I used to be considered the evil twin. But now I’m considered an only child.
Everyone complimented my disfigured mask last Halloween, full of hairy puss and scars. But they didn’t know, when I went home, there was nothing to remove.
All I could do was stare as I watched my father wrap his hands around my mother’s neck. But he was already dead, and soon, she would be, too.
From afar, the doll looked just like her. From close up, she could see it was made out of her lost teeth and dead skin.
I couldn’t wait any longer to be a mother. So I grabbed a knife to rip the baby from my stomach.
I work in a strip club. And I hate to admit it, but I hear more screams than moans.
I swear I heard my daughter whisper my name. But, the thing is, I’m still pregnant.
I fell asleep in my pajamas. But I woke up in a suit, with a closed casket surrounding me.
I like living alone. Because, when I hear a faint singing or feel a hand on my thigh, I know it’s one of them.
I kissed her, but she wouldn’t kiss me back. She was already decomposing.
My car thumped over something in the road. And the windshield wipers couldn’t clear the blood away.
I don’t know where the hell my husband is. I can’t remember where I buried him.
I stopped going to church, because God never answers me. But the Devil speaks to me every night.
I went camping with my three best friends. But by the time we left, we were nothing but a murderer, a witness, and a dead body.
I didn’t mind it when the rain began to fall. Until it hit my skin and burned.
I asked the hot guy in my class why he was staring at me. He said that he was actually staring at the demon that always hovers behind me.
My cat never goes near my closet. The one day she did, she never came back out.
I felt my husband’s hand squeeze mine. But then I remembered, he was dead and I was in my apartment alone.
I tried to check my makeup in the mirror. But my reflection was missing.
I scrubbed her blood off of my suit until there was no trace of DNA left. But I needed something to remember the night by, so I kept a handful of her hair.
When I checked his browser history, I found the search: “How to poison my wife.” So I threw down the water bottle he’d just handed me.
I think I’m dead. But the other spirits keep telling me I’m alive.
I’ve been talking to my mother for hours. But I don’t think she can hear me through the six feet of dirt.
I never meant to make my ex cry. I only meant to make him bleed.
My throat is raw from screaming for help. But no one can hear me now that I’m in heaven.
I didn’t run when I saw him. So he didn’t make me suffer when he stabbed me.
I reached under the bed to find my missing sock. But I felt another hand, instead.
I texted a stranger by accident. But when they texted me back, they used my full name.
I felt the barrel against my head, for only a second, before the burglar did the worst possible thing. He didn’t pull the trigger.
I didn’t panic when my best friend Tom started shuddering from head to toe, clutching his stomach, and coughing up blood. I panicked when the blood started crawling up my leg. — ShadowScribe
Three cheers for Santa Claus, and all the good children who believe. ‘Makes this so much easier,’ He chuckled, the bells on the trusting little girl’s shoes jingling as he dragged the body across the roof and away into the night. — Cinnamon-Ciara
‘Hey daddy, I’m fixing little brother for you!’ He entered the room to find his 8-year-old daughter scooping the eyes out of their now blind baby. — EccentricStrawberry
‘Do you like your new coat?’ my father asked as he draped it over my shoulders. ‘It’s from your mother,’ he said, smiling at what was left of Mom’s flayed corpse. — ShadowScribe
Being the last human alive isn’t too bad. I just wish my hungry neighbors would leave me alone. — troytheterribletaco
There was a knock on my door. Something inside told me not to open the closet. — DonBeanass
I sit in this crowded theater, all my life I’ve been a nobody, a reject, an empty, self-loathing blank. “Time for all of that to change,” I say to no-one in particular, pulling out the guns from under my coat… — TheRaincrow
There was a photo of me sleeping on beautiful red silk on my phone. What I don’t know is how the phone got into the coffin with me. — Abyss1213
I stared at the picture of me emblazoned on the screen of the mobile phone, wracking my brain to try to understand how it got there. Human technology has often proved to be an ally of mine but I’ve never before encountered a mobile that could take pictures of demons. — sleeplessfromdreams
At the expense of the last of their ammunition, the lumbering beast collapsed. Too bad the hunting party couldn’t spare a moment while patting each other on the back to notice it’s mother had witnessed the whole display. — Jibberling
Before I could react, the man produced an ax from his long coat and brought it to rest on the table before me. I carefully chose my words before saying, ‘Even with a receipt, I cannot give you a refund with all those blood stains.’ — Jibberling
My eyes were glued to the scarring images on the horrifying scrapbook I found at my new neighbors house. As I flipped towards the end of the book I noticed that there was a blank spot with today’s date written below it. — Unknownuser55550
Before my parents left town for the weekend, they tucked me in, locked my bedroom door, and told me that there was nothing to be afraid of: the monsters had no way of getting inside the house. If they had stayed a second longer they would have heard his laughter from inside the closet. — ShadowScribe
The voices won’t stop bothering me to let them free. Maybe it’s time to go into the basement and shut them up once and for all… — Tiger106700
My mom couldn’t find her ‘yummy-wummy’ baby, even when she called out to her with that ridiculous nickname. At least it was accurate: my sister was delicious. — SlavicSnowflake
Before I can go to sleep, I have to check all the doors around the house. If they’re all locked, I move on to the next house. — Volohov