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Welcome to our literary community. We value freedom, anonymity, progressive thought, working hard, comedy, and being a nice person even when it’s not required. You should assume all content is for open-minded adults only. If that is not you, go away.

You may write us at If you write, send it there. If you want to meet a writer, send a request there. Be specific. We’ll try to set up a date between admiring fan and closeted author. Plan to pay for the coffee.

What’s here: Plenty of horror. Plenty of naughty stuff. A little sci-fi. An occasional brilliant idea. More character studies than necessary. Poetry. A minimum of adverbs. And, plenty of kind, caring, compassionate, and optimistic people. You can’t see them, but they’re here.

We work on the implicit assumption you don’t need us to explain things to you. It’s also okay with us if you don’t want anything to do with our literary efforts here. You may exit without fear of us mocking you as you go. Honestly, you should go if you feel you need to be “right” about anything.

Our things:

  • It’s fiction – None of this is true. We don’t “advocate” for the ideas and content we post. We like the way the words work as a group to create a fake world. We like literature, but not necessarily the ideas it explores. Sometimes we post things we don’t like.
  • It’s funny – It is. Even if you don’t get it. We don’t care if you think it’s not.
  • It’s dangerous – We think there is a fairly standard list of gross topics and awful ideas. We don’t post those things. Racism, sexism, violence … basically everything everybody else writes about is missing here. Don’t appreciate the text you’re consuming, move onto something else.
  • It’s anonymous – We know how the world works. It holds you personally responsible for ideas you may discuss. This isn’t helpful and so we don’t publish author names or contact information. No need to bother tracking anybody down. Read. Think. Go outside and take a walk. Say “hi” to everybody you pass.
  • We’re nice – Treat us nice and we’ll snuggle.
  • Our GIFs – We swipe them from the web. People click on sexy and funny. If we’re using one of yours and you don’t like it, let us know and we’ll remove it.

Now, go off and read. You won’t become a better person staring at photos scrolling down an app. Read.

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